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Memory in the Making | My husband and I at a waterfall in Hawaii

Hey Mama!

Welcome to Memory in the Making!

Hate the icky feeling of letting life pass by too quickly? Meeeee, too. I’m an in-demand woman; a wife and mother to 3 spunky, elementary school-aged daughters, and recently turned entrepreneur. After spending years as an SVP in the logistics industry, I’m now embarking on a new profession and a more intentional personal journey. After becoming a member of Chief, an executive women’s network, I realized I’m not alone in trying to find more joy in my beloved chaos; so that’s why I’m inviting others to join me on my MEMORY MAKING MINDSET transformation journey here at Memory in the Making!

My mission is to inspire other professional women to break free from their hectic, “busy” lifestyle and create an “in control” lifestyle built on intentionality; say yes to more fun experiences, create family traditions and fill your life up with more laughter and entertainment!

See how we can focus our killer professional project management skills on our passions and what matters most. Meanwhile, allow our successful careers to fuel our energy and enrich our personal dreams.

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My Strategy

It’s no big secret. Intentionality, reflection, visualizing your dreams, and planning are key steps to achieving personal fulfillment. You have killer professional project management skills, so why not repurpose on what matters most to you?

the key

START. I’ll share advice from experts and what’s been working for me; a mom of 3 girls in elementary school, wife and ex-SVP turned entrepreneur with bad a** ambitions. Follow me on LinkedIn for daily tune-ups.

the aim

CRUSH life on both fronts… cuz why not me?! Achievements in our careers fuel our energy and enrich our personal dreams. My approach will continually emphasize the importance of nourishing our physical and emotional well-being, and remain focused on what’s most important.

the focus

Discover how I applied my corporate project management skills to personal project management for creating fun, lifelong memories! Plan and stay on track, while mindfully being present in the moment.

the challenge

This shift in mindset will cause reprioritization of what keeps you busy. Being busy isn’t a bad thing IF it’s purposeful. Building new muscle memory is a process and it can feel ugly at times; avoid the temptation of guilt.

my pledge

I’m on this personal and professional journey, too. And I insist on having a heck a lot of fun while I ride this wave! Wanna join me? Let’s do the work, so we can get our next Memory in the Making! Learn more about me or follow me on Linkedin.

the fun stuff

Knock some things off your bucket list! Start a memorable family tradition! Take that anniversary getaway! Block time to take your child on a date! Throw a bad a** party and blow off some steam with good friends!

my blog

Discover new ways to nurture your passions and connect with family and friends. I’ll share my personal, fun experiences to serve as a source of inspiration, along with guides on how you can save time recreating something similar for yourself.

free downloads

Memory in the Making has several free printables and customizable templates to make your fun mindset transformation easier! Downloads for kids activities, holidays, party invitations, and bucket list journals are all a click of a button away!



Transforming a mindset is much harder than planning a party! Follow me on LinkedIn where I’ll share advice from experts, along with what’s been working for me and things that make you think humm…

…Get Your Next Memory in the Making!


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