Butcher Paper Party Hacks and More!

Why I’m Obsessed With These Butcher Paper Party Hacks

…and you will be, too!

There are so many ways to put butcher paper to good use. Butcher paper, also referred to as Kraft Paper, is ah-mazing! Though, my favorite use is creating simple tablescapes because they make party clean up a breeze! But, I have tons more awesome butcher paper party hacks for ya, too! That’s why I’m obsessed with these butcher paper party hacks!

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Butcher paper can be used by party hosts in many ways, such as:

  • Tablecloth
  • Placemats
  • Table runner
  • Label seating assignments
  • Label food in a buffet
  • Label food for allergies
  • And so much more!

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Butcher paper comes in a variety of neutral color variations, such as, pink, white and different shades of brown. This gives you the ability to pair the butcher paper with a variety of different décor elements. It can be used for just about any party theme; casual to sophisticated. Also, butcher paper rolls typically come with 100 to 200 feet of paper, so buy it once and it goes a long way!

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17.75 inches x 150 feet
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17.25 Inch by 175 Feet
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03/17/2024 12:38 am GMT

Butcher Paper Party Hacks

Whether you’re hosting a casual party or even an elegant wedding, butcher paper is a fantastic and inexpensive way to create the perfect look! Tablecloths can be expensive, a pain to clean, and iron. Or, even more money to dry clean. Next, I will show you several different ways to use these butcher paper party hacks, and more!

Casual Party Tablescapes & Buffet Bars

I am hard-pressed to come up with a casual party theme that you can’t to use butcher paper in some way, shape or form. Now, here are a few examples of butcher paper party hacks!


One of my absolute favorite parties to throw is a seafood boil. It is the easiest, casual party to throw for the biggest WOW factor! If you haven’t seen my post on how to host an out of this world seafood boil party, definitely check it out! It’s to die for and sooooooo easy. I guarantee you’ll be hosting a seafood boil party numerous times.


I recently hosted a pot-luck style Super Bowl party and with a few simple steps, I had a super cool buffet table. More party tips to throw an awesome and engaging Super Bowl party to come in a future post! If you’re throwing a Super Bowl party, my post about The Easiest Super Bowl Betting Game That’s Guaranteed Fun is a must see!!

Super Bowl football party pot luck buffet table with butcher paper table cloth and yard line markings
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my super bowl party merch: variety of apparel styles + accessories
how to play the 10 line strip card betting game


I’m obsessed with this classic concession stand style buffet! Our Back to School Backyard Movie Night party got rained out this year, so we moved the party indoors! This simple, kid-friendly menu fit perfectly with the butcher paper in lieu of a table cloth. Do you agree?

Concession stand buffet with butcher paper table cloth for back to school movie night
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  • Graduation party buffet
  • BBQ spread
  • Taco bar
  • Snack bar
  • Pancake or waffle bar
  • Sign for your breakfast spread
  • Mimosa bar juices

Elegant Butcher Paper Party Ideas

Depending on the theme of your wedding or other formal party, butcher paper is a great way to create WOW factor, and inexpensively.


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If you are throwing a bridal shower or baby shower with a boho, rustic, or neutral color theme, butcher paper is your friend! It’s an inexpensive way to add that Pinterest or Instagram worthy pizazz that will wow your guest of honor! Here is some great inspo… photo backdrops, add a few dots of paint to add an elegant touch to butcher paper placemats, name seating cards, or a place setting for the menu!


Who doesn’t enjoy a delicious grazing table?! They can be stunning for any adults-only party. Here is an example of a grazing table I made for a fall themed party, recently. Soon, I’ll share more details about how I pulled together this spread which included both fondue and charcuterie deliciousness!

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Butcher Paper Party Hacks for the Holidays

Whether you’re setting the table for Friendsgiving or your family over the holidays, decorating your home or entertaining the kids with holiday crafts, I have some butcher paper ideas for you!


You do not need to be a professional calligrapher to make these homemade tablescapes. Your family will be impressed with anything you draw on there with a Sharpie because it’s done with love. And if you’re busy cooking 99 things for Thanksgiving dinner, it’s a great way to get older kids or teens involved. Or keep your chatty relative busy so you can focus on your recipes! Have them draw the rectangular “placemats” and write people’s names. Perfection is absolutely not necessary. Don’t take things to seriously. This is all just for fun!

Feeling inspired? Jump down to my Calligraphy for beginners tutorial videos below!

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Here’s my fav and super easy twist on mimosa recipes for FALL MIMOSAS!


Gosh these are so gorgeous! They are waaaaay beyond my skillsets and patience level. If you do want some tips however, see the tutorial videos I found below! You’ll probably know pretty quickly if you want to mess with writing like this. But honestly, I’d probably make my mom do one of these for me, ha!

Don’t miss out on this list of over 75 Christmas Countdown Calendar Activities to do with the kiddos this December! Or save my Pinterest Pin of Christmas countdown ideas for later!


There are tons of butcher paper party hacks for the holidays. And, there are so many different uses for the kids! Whether you’re carving pumpkins or dying easter eggs, the extra on your butcher paper rolls come in major handy for easy clean up!

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Also, it can be fun to get the kids involved and engaged at your parties. Cut out little placemats for each kid at the holiday’s kids table and add some crayons to keep them occupied while the adults chat and pass the food to make plates. Or, use the butcher paper to cover a marker-stained kids table and add a check list with a Sharpie for a group craft project.


When you have extra paper on the roll after hosting your fabulous party, you can put it to more good use! Keeping kids off those electronics requires creativity. I swear if they are not on their iPads, they expect to be fully entertained; isn’t it crazy mamas?!

My 3 daughters definitely take after their mom. Some nights, I’m still in my pajamas and I find them decorating the table with chargers, fancy plates, cloth napkins, candles, post-it note seating name tags… anything they can get their hands on! They get all dolled up in dresses and heels, and big sis does cute hairdos and lipstick. They will even pretend to be servers and take our drink orders. It makes me laugh, but it also makes me happy that they’re playing make-believe and not sneaking TV or tablets.

Toss your kids the butcher paper roll to color a table runner or placemats on a random Wednesday night! They’ll think you’re such a fun mom and in reality you actually got to keep them busy while you ran around knocking things off your to do list!

It doesn’t have to be a family dinner party to use the paper either. Roll the butcher paper out on the ground, let them trace their body shapes, and draw clothes on them. Or, make a playland for their toy cars. Even use it for homework projects. The options are plentiful!

Speaking of family fun! Next, lets talk about some over the top entertainment ideas!


I’m dying to write some upcoming posts about the family Olympics we’ve done. The first was inspired by the 2022 Winter Olympics, during winter boredom. My husband had the original idea and of course I took it way over the top because I was bored, too! Anyway, I had a white butcher paper roll lying around and the first Olympics for our kids was born and it was a freaking riot!

kraft paper roll for family winter olympics score keeping
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Later, for Christmas Eve, I put together a Candy Cane Olympics surprise for the whole family to compete in. Again, we were all in tears and it made the day so. much. fun!!

kraft paper roll for family candy cane olympics score keeping
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Keep an eye out for these Olympics how-to posts coming soon! OMG you’re going to love ’em!

Even More Ways to Put Your Butcher Paper to Use

  • Gift wrapping
  • Crafts
  • Origami
  • Packing paper
  • Protect floors
  • Line bird cages
  • Mock up a gallery wall for hanging pictures
  • Wrap BBQ meat
  • Use pre-cut or scored kraft paper for table name cards
  • Write song lyrics on a scroll sign or a party photo backdrop
  • Have guests sign and write best wishes at a wedding or graduation party
  • Hang a roll on the wall for a grocery or to do list
  • Write the menu at a restaurant
  • Table top roll dispenser for a kids craft table


Add these butcher paper roll holders to your wall or to your kids craft table! Affix your butcher paper table cloth or table runner to the island or table with these easy, removable double-sticky mounting squares. Try your hand at writing cool designs with these brush markers for calligraphy or lettering. Last, add some cute twine to your kraft paper wrapped gifts.

Tydero Wooden Tabletop Kids Paper Roll Dispenser Cutter Butcher Hidden Blade White Bond Drawing Paper Art Craft Wall Mount
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Feeling Inspired?

Honestly, I have terrible handwriting. Especially my “cursive”. No joke, my signature has never been the same twice, ha! For me, I’m very rarely caught up in this level of detail. But, some of the inspiration above is just so pretty! Maybe I should find a YouTube video on how to have patience, too!

However, I know some of you might be more artistic than I and geek out over these quick tutorials. I had never heard of the “soft up, hard down” rule before. I’ll definitely be roughly attempting that!

Anyway, if this 5 minute calligraphy tutorial or this intro to bounce lettering work out for you, please tag me on Instagram or Facebook, @meminthemaking! I’d love to see your beautiful work, or your flops!

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