What is the Christmas Adam tradition for parents?
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When is Christmas Adam?

Simply put, it’s a play on Adam and Eve. Christmas Adam is the day before Christmas Eve. And it’s officially the night of parent’s new favorite couple’s Christmas tradition! Mark your calendar for December 23rd.

When is Christmas Adam? December 23rd
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Our Favorite: Christmas Adam Tradition

What started with our impatience after we first got married, turned into our favorite couple’s Christmas Adam tradition!❤️ My husband and I couldn’t recommend it any more to parents everywhere! Once you do this once, you’ll never go another year without it.

Christmas morning is allllll about the kids, and rightfully so! These magical years with our kids will be gone in a blink, so soak it all up while we can! All that ends up happening is parents rush through each other’s gifts, not appreciating the love that went into choosing or personalizing something special for one another.

Can you even remember what Christmas was like before you had kids?! After 16 years of marriage, I can assure you, I do not anymore, ha!

December is nothing short of madness! We manage our regular lives of school, homework, extra-curriculars, work, chores, etc. and on top of it spend countless hours preparing for big day and celebrating the spirit of the season with or kids, family and friends! Trust me, you and your husband deserve to take an evening to yourselves to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Create a little magic that isn’t kid-related.

I Love You Huz!

Christmas Adam Night

If you’re thinking, “Oh gosh! How am I going to pull off yet ANOTHER tradition? I’m already exhausted!…”, I promise this doesn’t require ANY extra planning or work! You’re already buying each other gifts and wrapping them. This only requires you to put away your phone, relax and enjoy!

See! I told ya!

Last, but not least, I’m always here to help you save a ton of time while kicking the fun up another notch! And gift giving is no doubt one of those ways!

The Christmas tradition parents are raving about!
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The Fun Christmas Gift Idea Guide

If you’re stumped about what to get him for Christmas this year, I have just what you need to get your wheels spinning and take the stress out of gift giving!

Experience Gift Ideas for Him

First, always start with experience gift ideas before “things”. Think about cool experiences you were already planning or considering anyway! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with avoiding additional gift spend, either.

  • Do you desperately need a night out of the house together? If so, that new comedy club in town you heard about has tickets. Line up the sitter and use the free Canva app to print out a little flyer about your date! Get my list of tons of date ideas for married couples to mix it up.
  • What’s on his bucket list? It doesn’t get much more thoughtful than to make a dream come true! Life is short, so what are you waiting for? No idea what’s on his bucket list? Download my free Concert Bucket List now and get a head start on those ideas!
  • Need some more romance in your life? Don’t just talk about it; be about it! Plan something romantic you both will enjoy! How about a one-night getaway?
  • Need to get away to reconnect? Take that vacation together! You don’t need to plan the entire thing either. Follow my guide on how to reveal a surprise vacation with tips so you don’t blow the surprise, and 8 creative ways to give the gift that everyone can pull off!

More Great Gift Ideas for Him

Second, consider “things” that will create quality time over and over again. Games are an easy example, like this list of the best tailgating-style games he’ll love to play. Or try games that he can play with you and the kids: top 10 games for family date night, ranked by both kids and parents!

Another great gift idea is the equipment for backyard movie nights!

Third, gift something personalized. This can be like an ornament or photobook you customize on Shutterfly from a vacation earlier that year.

Lastly, consider “things” that go along with an experience gift. A great example of this would be a new swimsuit for your upcoming vacation.


Now, you’re sure to crush Christmas gift giving this year!

Christmas Countdown Activities for Kids

Next, you don’t want to miss these 75+ Christmas Countdown Ideas for Kids that you can pick and choose from or learn how to turn these activities into daily countdown calendar, advent-style! It’s the best family Christmas tradition that has been passed down from my mom and my kids absolutely are obsessed!

The quality time spent with your family will live on in their memories, long after you’re gone! Don’t be regretful for not giving these numbered, magical moments all of your love and attention!

The Post-Christmas Hangover

This Memory Making Mindset doesn’t need to quit after Christmas. Certainly, give yourself a break to wind down but take this spirit of living life to the fullest into the new year! Join my #MemoryMakingMindset community on LinkedIn to get daily tune-ups that keep this priority at top of mind.

Finally, there are a TON of inspiration for getting your next Memory in the Making on my other social accounts, so follow me on your fav platforms!

Without a doubt, save this Couple’s Christmas Adam Tradition Idea to your Pinterest board for later!

…Or text a link to your partner in crime!

Merry Christmas!

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