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Concert Bucket List Journal: a Fun Free Gift to Yourself

Everybody remembers their first concert. What was yours? …ah the good ‘ol days! Mine was Britney Spears in a big, sold-out arena, circa 1997… followed pretty shortly after by The Misfits at The House of Blues in Chicago!🤣 What a funny little girl I was in retrospect! I’ve been hooked on that feeling (not necessarily that music lol) ever since. There’s just something about live music that lifts everyone’s spirits, forces you to be present and feel alive! That’s why I wanted to share this Concert Bucket List Journal with you.

my daughters 1st concert: The Lumineers at Wrigley Field
My daughters’ 1st concert: The Lumineers at Wrigley Field

As busy mamas, I understand all too well the feeling of putting yourself LAST. And I tell you what… it wasn’t working for me! I realized, to be my best-self for my husband, my kids, and my work, that I needed to take care of my spirit and just plain HAVE FUN! I’ll admit. I’m a HUGE fan of music in general, across many genres, so creating my concert bucket list journal was a no brainer for me. Whether you’re a die-hard music fan or just a mama looking to live life more, I highly recommend completing this concert bucket list journal for yourself!

Next, what was your favorite concert?

download my free concert bucket list journal now by Memory in the Making
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Download your FREE Concert Bucket List Journal from Memory in the Making Now!

What’s included in the concert bucket list journal?

Below are a few samples from my concert bucket list journal. It’s contents take you through a fun and full creation experience.

Beginning with nostalgic journaling, you’ll reflect on your first and favorite concerts. Then, flag the venues you’ve toured as places you’d love to go again or avoid. By creating a reverse bucket list first, you can pull queues from your past experiences in order to more specifically design your future concert bucket list items.

Your concert crew is equally a part of the experience as the music and venues. Be more intentional about who you’re inviting with you. Part of the fun is using inquiring others to tell you their top 3 favorite concerts. Not only is it fun conversation starters, but you learn so much about people and it might inspire you to visit a new venue or see a band!

This concert bucket list journal will take you from start to finish, pinning down your music stye and preferences. I guarantee you’ll be so pumped up about making your next experiences a reality and living to your fullest potential!

CONCERT BUCKET LIST journal Contents:
nostalgic journal
  1. My First Concert
  2. My Favorite Concert
  3. Reverse Bucket List
My Music Profile
  1. Identify Patterns
  2. Genres I Enjoy
  3. My Favorites Past & Present
  1. Conversation Starters
  2. Identify My Concert Crew
  3. Interview Your Crew
  4. Crew Members Complete Journal
  5. Compare Notes
Bucket list
  1. My Concert Bucket List
  2. Get Planning
  3. BONUS: Planning Check List

Start by Reversing Your Concert Bucket List Journal

First, I recommend you start in reverse. What I mean by that is, reflect on all of the bands (or musicians) and venues you’ve experienced in the past. Ask yourself:

  • Which band did you see live?
  • What venue were they playing at?
  • Where did you sit? (the pit, GA in the lawn, nose bleeds or VIP seats?)
  • Who did you go with?
  • What year?
  • What did you love, like or dislike about it?

I suggest this for three reasons.

First, it’s just fun to reminisce. It makes for a great conversation with your concert-mate, too!

Second, it’s an act of self-gratitude. When you journal like this, you can’t help but be appreciative for your past experiences. And likely, it’s going to fire you up about planning your next concert!

Third, this is a big help to fill out your concert bucket list journal. Let me explain.

Starting Your Concert Bucket List Journal

Once you’ve jotted down these notes, about as many concerts as you recall at the moment, it’s time for the fun part! I’m going to walk you through pulling out the queues from your nostalgic journaling exercise, and use that to guide your new bucket list. Now, lets get started filling in your concert bucket list journal.

Nostalgic Queues

First, of the concerts you “loved”, were there any patterns or reasons in particular you put it in that category?

For examples:

  • Do you find you prefer outdoor venues over indoor venues?
  • Did you enjoy traveling to a new city?
  • Was it simply one of your favorite bands?
  • Was it the fun crew who went with you?

Second, were there any patterns of concerts you categorized as “liked” that didn’t tip the scale to “loved”?

For examples:

  • Had a lot of fun, but 3-day festivals are too much for you?
  • Terrible seats, but great show?
  • Great night out, but disliked that genre of show?

Third, any consistency behind concerts you hated?

For examples:

  • Annoying crew ruin your vibe?
  • Feel too old to camp in “gen-pop” again? LMAO
  • No way your voluntarily choosing port-o-potty’s over indoor venue toilets?

Now, you can use these patterns to help formulate your new concert bucket list!

The Concert Venue

For me personally, a major factor in my “loved” experience is tied to the venue. Here are a few photos of mine at various concert venues including: Solider Field in Chicago, Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado, The Gorge in Washington state, Fenway Park in Boston, and Northerly Island in Chicago.

First, I know 8 times out of 10 I’m going choose an outdoor venue over an indoor one. I live in Chicagoland area, so those other 2 times are simply because it’s winter and I still wanna have fun! There’s a big but though. Even though it’s winter, there are a few indoor venues I just refuse to go anymore because they suck. (Ahem, the United Center in Chicago)

So, when I go to an indoor venue, I prefer to pick smaller, more intimate venues because they have so much good energy! I know this about myself so I now consider this a major factor.

Second, there is something about beautiful, natural amphitheaters like Red Rocks in Colorado and The Gorge in Washington state that are MY HAPPY PLACE! My favorite feeling on earth is when the weather feels like nothing and I’m listening to live music. Does anyone else feel me on that? Breathtaking venues elevate the mood of the musicians too, and it just makes it that more special when you know they’re having an incredible time.

Third, I love a good vacation. As a matter of fact, I commonly reverse engineer vacations based on bucket list venues and bands I dying to see! More on this, later.

Live Music Love

Lets be honest, concerts are still all about the music! So, let me help guide you through a series of questions to start filling in your concert bucket list journal (download free now)!

First, what are the different genres of music you enjoy. Jot those down. I like so many, so I found it helpful to browse through my music streaming apps for the different stations I frequent.

Second, are there any of those genres you haven’t experienced (as much of) live?

Third, what is/are your favorite band(s) of all time?

Fourth, what are the bands you grew up with that you still love today? Flip through that old case of CDs, ha! If you’re lucky and they’re still touring, they’re probably getting older. Perhaps, those bands should be bumped up to the top of the list.

Fifth, what are the newer bands you enjoy?

Sixth, start asking around to co-workers, friends, and family, “what are the top 3 concerts you’ve ever been to?”

Last but no least, who is a favorite band of your husband’s, sibling’s, friend’s, parent’s, or kid’s that you enjoy too?

Your Crew

You must have noticed some patterns when reflecting on your reverse concert bucket list. Ask yourself:

  • Who did I enjoy going with the most?
  • Have I unintentionally neglected to schedule shows with someone?
  • Have your kids been to their first concert yet?
  • Have you ever taken your parents to a concert, perhaps as a gift?
  • Who would be willing to take a road trip or travel somewhere with you?
  • Would I enjoy going to a concert with a certain crew again?

Now that you’ve thought through this, I suggest you give someone (or a few of your people) this concert bucket list journal to complete for themselves. Why? First, because you may be surprised where you have overlap. Second, it will make for a fun date night or dinner convo! Third, you might see how passionate they are about a band or a venue, that you want to surprise them with an experience gift for Christmas, their birthday, an anniversary or just because!

Give the gift of checking one off their Concert Bucket List Journal

As you may know, I’m a HUGE fan of gifting experiences vs. things. Experiences have the power of creating lifelong, fun memories! And to me, that is everything. Life is short. Spend as much time as you can enjoying your loved ones and friends. Check out my other post, Experience Gift Ideas for Families for tons of inspiration; not just concerts!

Get Specific

Listen: DREAM BIG and be specific. And even if you’re not a believer in manifestation, what’s the harm? I’ll give you some food for thought.

  • I’d die if I could get backstage passes and meet Dave Matthews!!
  • I would be out of body if I got to get VIP box seats and glamp in The Oasis at The Gorge Amphitheater!!
  • I’ve gotta get my a** in the pit for a Foo Fighters concert!!
  • I cannot wait to have a concert picnic, with wine & cheese, with my girlfriends!!
  • If Chris Stapleton plays in a small, intimate venue, count me in for front row seats!!
  • I’ll sit anywhere, just take me to Red Rocks on a gorgeous, summer, starry Colorado night!!
  • The Lumineers is the perfect 1st concert to take our kids to, lets surprise them as a gift!!
  • I’m taking my dad to see Journey for his 60th birthday; I don’t care what city they’re in!!
  • Lets book another couples trip to see our favorite band somewhere new with our friends!!

You get the idea. Have fun with this! Now, it’s time to start making this bucket list a reality!

Finishing Your Concert Bucket List Journal

Lets be honest, is it ever really “finished”? No. But it’s time to lock it in. Save yours somewhere safe, and save the one your concert buddy completed, too!

I recommend, reviewing your concert bucket list journal on New Years while you work on your resolutions. It’s a great time to reflect. Have you prioritized yourself enough this year? If so, AMAZING!! Be proud of yourself and make it happen again the next year! Check off which you achieved and add any new itches you’ve got!

Finally, don’t make this an act in futility. Maaaaaake it happen!!

“Cry freedom” lyrics by dave matthews band

The future is no place to place your better days…

Get to Planning!!

First, it helps to roughly prioritize your concert bucket list. But, as you can imagine, you cannot control when these bands decide tour or where. Let alone if you have the free time or budget to make that concert a reality. My best advice is to do some research.

Concert Research & Planning Ahead

You’ve gotta figure out when and where the bands are touring. There are a few ways to stay on top of that.

First, many festivals and bands have text message notifications you can sign up for nowadays. If you really want to stay on the ball for some of them, go to their website and subscribe to those notifications.

Second, follow the bands, festivals and venues you’re interested in on Instagram. They always will announce what’s upcoming so you can keep an eye on any opportunities.

Third, ask for tickets to a concert if someone asks you for a gift idea. What a kick a** Christmas, birthday, or Mother’s Day present!

Fourth, plan ahead. If Bottle Rock Festival in Napa, CA is on your list, look at the historical dates of the music festival. Music festivals typically stick to the same week of a month every year. Pencil it in on your Google calendar and set a reminder to check-out the line-up on the announcement day. And if you have someone else in mind to join you for that one, have them pencil it in their calendars, too!

More bucket list planner tips…

Many people I know tell me, you always do such fun things! I wish I did more of that! I haven’t done that in forever! I can honestly say, making these fun memories happen is not a secret. The power is all in being intentional about things on not only your concert bucket list, but your other bucket list and random cool things, too! Research and book them in advance or pencil them in on your calendar as options as they grow near.

Intentionality requires planning ahead. While you certainly may be that spontaneous, it’s unlikely you decide to fly out to Napa with friends 2 weeks before the festival! There are too many obstacles like: airfare is through the roof; there is no hotel availability anywhere near the festival; it’s highly unlikely that both yours and the other couples schedules are both still free; can’t get babysitters because everyone’s busy already… it goes on and on.

Lastly, budgeting is crucial! You can’t do everything on your concert bucket list this year. Next, start to consider all of the soft costs involved, and take advantage of some freebies and deals!

Freebies and Deals

Don’t foresee yourself getting back stage passes for your favorite band? Enter some contests! Contests still exist. Yet another reason to follow your local radio stations, Sirius XM DJs, and favorite bands on Instagram.

There is a charity out there called Fandiem I recently stumbled across. For a small donation to a charity of the band’s choice, you’re entered into a contest to win incredible concert experiences. For example, I just donated to win a private jet for 6 friends, to a VIP Metallica weekend. I also donated to win all-access passes at Red Rocks, even walk on stage with Gov’t Mule. How ridiculous would that be?! Visit the Fandiem website or follow them on Instagram @winwithfandiem and see a ton of different bands available and donate to their charity!

View this profile on Instagram

Fandiem (@winwithfandiem) • Instagram photos and videos

More Concert Ticket Deals…

Another amazing program I stumbled across is from Live Nation called Concert Week. Tickets to a ton of concerts in your area are only $25 all-in (plus taxes). You can get seats, too! Again, following brands like @livenation on Instagram can pay off, big time!

If you do find yourself feeling spontaneous, there’s another app worth checking out called Gametime. It’s for discounted last-minute tickets and certainly worth a shot. It’s not only for concerts, but sporting events, comedy shows and theater shows, too.

There is an app called TickPick that put its own spin on second-hand ticket marketplaces. Their shtick is there are no add-on fees, so you should be able to find tickets for a lower out of pocket cost than other marketplaces. I have found this to be true and have used for many concerts. A really cool new feature they offer is their TickPick PRICE FREEZE program. Earn $25 per ticket if prices go up, and if the price goes down, you pay the lower price. “No risk. All reward.”

If you know of any other great promotions out there, share the wealth and please add to comments below!

Next, there are soft costs too, such as what to pack and what to wear.

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning that if you click through & make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

What to Pack for a Concert

Always, always, always check the venue’s website FAQs to see what is permitted and what is not. Many now have very specific rules on clear purses, size of bags, water bottles allowed, cooler sizes, etc. I literally was watching women throw expensive purses in the garbage can walking through a concert security line at Solider Field stadium the other day, because the purse wasn’t clear! How awful. Here are some great concert-friendly choices to bring:

Music Festival Tips

Multi-day music festivals, especially those that you stay overnight on site, are a whole different animal! If that’s still your jam, good for you! If you’ve never experienced that before, beware. It ain’t for the faint of heart, haha! A lot of shenanigans! But, if you do your research it can be an amazing experience! Each style of music festival has very different vibes. Each overnight camping venue also has its own quirks, and likely different “levels” of the camping experience. Here are some music festival essentials and music festival tips. Notice the recurring “survival” term; read up before you go!!

The Smart Girl’s Music Festival Survival Guide by @thehurtguru
The Ultimate Survival Guide to Camping at a Music Festival by @vibedration

My most favorite concert memory took place while staying overnight at the Dave Matthews Band, labor day weekend music festival at The Gorge Amphitheater in Washington state. My husband and I went with an amazing couple, glamping, VIP; need I say more? And that’s saying A LOT for me to pick a favorite! BUCKET LIST: CHECK! (It’s actually the hero image on my home page)

What to Wear to a Concert

I’m not exactly the authority on concert outfit ideas, though it is fun to dress and match the vibe of the concert! I can take queues from others, using Pinterest and search for things like: summer music festival outfits, spring concert outfit ideas, concert outfit ideas summer, what to wear to a country concert summer, summer rock concert outfit, hippie festival outfit, boho festival outfit, concert outfit over 40 for women, or music festival style. If nothing else, you’ll have a few laughs thinking about yourself wearing some of the ideas on there, ha! Here’s a fun one for you and some tips how to style your concert tee!

If you’re into it, you can also have a little fun with searching for: hair styles for concerts, concert makeup looks, or concert nails ideas. I guess, why not, right? Right now is the youngest you’ll ever be again!

More Music Summer Vibes…

I think it’s safe to say that if you’ve made it this far you’re a pretty big fan of music. The right music can totally change the vibe of any party! Never let music be an afterthought. I’ve gotta say… my 4th of July playlist is pretty sick!! It has over 6 hours of festive and songs. I can assure you there is something for everyone on this playlist. American classics, country, allll types of rock, pop, soul, blues, hip hop, punk, folk and even a few other genres to keep you on your toes!

Access this ready-to-play Amazon Music playlist named FREEDOM VIBES ALL DAY, hit shuffle and set it and forget it, so you can enjoy the festivities, make some summertime memories, and keep rocking all day long!

FREEDOM VIBES ALL DAY 6 Hour Party Playlist of 4th of July Music
Listen Now to the FREEDOM VIBES ALL DAY Playlist on Amazon Music

How to Listen

Amazon Music is FREE to Amazon Prime members. Just click here download the Amazon Music app from your app store, if you don’t have it already. If you aren’t a Prime member yet, get info here for Amazon Prime Membership. Last, if you are considering an Amazon Music Unlimited membership upgrade, you would gain access to 100 million songs on-demand, can listen offline, in HD audio, and more. The Unlimited membership is not required to access this FREEDOM VIBES ALL DAY playlist; Amazon Prime membership already gives you access to Amazon Music, ad-free. Only catch real catch is access to the songs is in “shuffle play”; not full on-demand listening.

Turn your concert bucket list journal into fun!!

Livin’ that bucket list life is so much fun! Have a great time being present in the moment, singing and dancing! If you completed your concert bucket list journal and want to share your list, comment below! I’d love to hear about it.

Tag me @meminthemaking on Instagram or Facebook as you check off that bucket list concert! Nothing would make me happier than knowing I had a little hand in your life experience!

Last but not least, don’t forget to line up that babysitter… AND the dog sitter! (We always forget about the dog! oops!) Now, go have a great f***ing time!!!

Without a doubt, save this Concert Bucket List Journal to your Pinterest board for later!

…Or text a link to your partner in crime!

Finally, follow me @memoryinthemaking on Pinterest or
@meminthemaking on Instagram and Facebook!

Rock On!

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