Tea Party Birthday Invitation Created in Less Than 5 Minutes for Free

My oldest daughter is quickly approaching double digits and she requested a “mink” (that’s mint and pink) colored tea party birthday. While we are still planning out the details together, I had to get the invitation out to a few friends of hers, asap.

DIY Tea Party Birthday Invitation
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Simple DIY tea party birthday party invitation

I Use Canva For Everything

Even before I started my Memory in the Making blog, and creating tons of Instagram and Facebook content using Canva, I used it personally all the time.

If you know About Me, you’re aware that I recently stepped back from my executive marketing career. I used Canva at work for several years. I also have used it personally numerous times per year on little projects, such as:

  • Kids Birthday party invitations
  • Back to School, Backyard Movie Night parties
  • Milestone Birthday parties for our parents
  • Christmas gifts of experiences instead of things, such as fun dates with our daughters and comedy club date night tickets for my husband
  • Family vacation surprises
  • Staycation, hotel scavenger hunt game creation
  • Christmas daily countdown activities, like riddle scavenger hunt to find their Christmas pajamas
  • Invitation website for a large group, like for our Super Bowl pot luck party
  • Resume building for my husband
  • Concert tickets as a birthday gift
  • My LinkedIn posts
  • General image or video resizing for social media
  • …the list goes on and on!

Her Tea Party Birthday Invitation is a 5 Minute Job

I hear from friends a lot that something like “this is so cute, I wish I had time to do that!” So when I was about to create this, I figured plenty of other moms could benefit from this, too!

See for yourself and watch the full DIY invitation tutorial video on Facebook.

DIY a Tea Party Birthday Invitation on Canva for Free

Canva is Free

With no design experience, you can create tons amazing visual content using FREE Canva. In a few clicks and no credit required, you be setup with an account. There are so many canned templates to choose from and they already have the proper sizes associated with them. It’s seriously too easy.

First, create your account and get started!

Create a Design

Second, scroll through all of the different project options or click the Create a design button on the top right. Search for “invitation” and you’ll see a few size options to choose from. Going to have the invitations printed out to mail to friends? Choose the 5 x 7 inches invitation option. Download the .png image and send to Walgreens OR even easier, in a few clicks you can order them directly from Canva and pickup in a store near you for free.

In this case, I planned to text the invitation over to a few moms, so I chose the square 1080 x 1080px virtual invitation size. Immediately you’ll see a bunch of different templates appear along the left side of the screen. I almost always start with a canned template. It’s a great starting point and a huge time saver. You do not have to be a custom designer.

Customize the Template

I chose an invitation template that was feminine and formal, since I this is a tea party birthday invitation. Delete any images you don’t want, or detach images from the background. Search for Elements to add to your invitation, such as graphics or a nearly endless amount of free stock photos.

For this invitation, I swapped out a few of the flowers for others that were party of my daughter’s “mink” color scheme. I used the custom color dropper to select the exact colors from her Pinterest inspiration photo.

Then, I changed the colors of a few of the graphical elements and the text boxes. The fonts in this template worked great, so I didn’t even need to spend time fussing with those. I swapped out the text to add her party’s details.

Next, I searched for a few tea party graphics to add. Found cute tea cups, a tea pot, flowers and even girly, sleep eye masks to add since it is also a slumber party.

Add Animation if You’re Feeling Frisky

Lastly, with only 3 clicks, I was able to select the text box. Then, click the Animation button. I made the text box “breath” which just expands the words. Instead of exporting as a picture (.png) format, I downloaded it as a .gif that I could text.

For additional training from Canva, visit their Help page and learn every trick you could think of within a few seconds.

Etsy is a Great Alternative

If you’re still not convinced, or just prefer to use someone else’s design for your next party, check out Etsy. There are tons of creative invitations to choose from, in every party theme possible. Invitations usually cost under $5 dollars and you can customize them with your name, address, etc. within a few minutes yourself.

Search Etsy for “tea party birthday invitation” and you’ll see pages and pages of choices. Like this adorable “Lets Par-tea” instant, digital download invitation from @DahliaPaperBoutique.

Tea Party Birthday Invitation available on Etsy

Pinterest for Party Planning

As mentioned, my daughter has been busy pinning ideas for this afternoon tea and slumber party. Ever since my 3 daughters were 3 years old, we’ve had the tradition of having a mother daughter date to plan the theme of their party. I highly recommend that you do the same!

Let’s face it. Our kids are going to be grown in a blink and these magical years with them are limited. Enjoy the unicorn and princess themed birthday parties because they are numbered. Definitely check out my post “Mother Daughter Date Tradition for Birthday Party Planning” which includes a complete birthday party planning guide. You can make precious memories together and enjoy the process, stress-free!

Birthday Party Planning Guide with Mother Daughter Pinterest Planning Date by Memory in the Making

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