Family Date Night Top 10 Games

This is a Very Statistically Official Top 10 List

We love having family date night, any night of the week. It’s a great way to share a few laughs and connect with each other after a long day. So, I thought I’d share The Espinosa family’s official “Top 10 Games for Family Date Night” with you!

We’re a family of 5. My husband and I have 3 daughters, currently age 10 and twins age 6. They’d like me to add that they’re 6 AND ¾ years old. 😊

Family Date Night Top 10 Games
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The Top 10 Games for Family Date Night

So, I gathered our family to spit ball our favorite family date night games. Once we had our list, which just happened to be 10, we added to a list. I secretly collected everyone’s top favorites, ranked in order of 1 through 10. Next, lets review this very sophisticated statistical analysis to form this official list of Top 10 games for family date night! Haha!

This kind of quality family time is priceless. Don’t plan date nights with only your husband. Plan family date nights, too! You will never get this magical time with your kids back. They’ll be grown in a blink!

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning that if you click through & make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

Top 10 Games for Family Date Night

Drum roll please…. The official Espinosa Family Top 10 Games results are in! Here are our Top 10 Games for Family Date Night:

10. Scary Bingo

First, is Scary Bingo! We bought this game years ago when our kiddos were young for Halloween but we still play this regularly and at all times of year. Because of small pieces, the game says not suitable for under 3 years old*. However, if playing with adult supervision, very young kids can enjoy, too! It’s bingo, so it’s entertaining for all ages. Scary Bingo was published by Laurence King Publishing in 2017.

In this fun kids edition play bingo with a menacing mummy, a bowler-hat wearing yeti, a multi-eyed monster and many more creepy creatures in this fun and inventive take on the classic game…if you dare.

Easy to play and full of strange and colourful characters, Scary Bingo will engage and delight children for hours. It can be played with 3-7 people, making it the perfect game for families in need of spookily good entertainment.

Scary Bingo contains 48 chips and a cardboard monster head to store them in, a game board, eight double-sided bingo cards and googly-eyed counters for you to mark up your card.

~Laurence King Publishing
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Ages: 3+ *see above
Players: 3 to 7

Amazon rates Scary Bingo at 5 Stars, currently out of 240 ratings. Find more reviews or add Scary Bingo to your Amazon cart now!

Next, lets check out our #9 pick for family date night!

9. Candyland

Next, Candyland is a classic that my girls have enjoyed for many years! I will say my 10 year old ranked this lower range for her votes. It’s a great game for a mix of ages, but if you have all 10+ year olds, this may not be your jam. If you’re not familiar or need a refresher on the classic, the game is a race with no strategy involved; only color recognition and minimal counting skills required.

Candyland has a really cool backstory, leading up to it’s purchase by Hasboro in 1984. So, I thought you might be interested to know it’s history.

The game was designed in 1948 by Eleanor Abbott, while she was recovering from polio in San Diego, California. The game was made for and tested by the children in the same wards on the hospital. The children suggested that Abbott submit the game to Milton Bradley Company. The game was bought by Milton Bradley and first published in 1949 as a temporary fill-in for their then main product line, school supplies. Candy Land became Milton Bradley’s best-selling game.

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Ages: 3+
Players: 2 to 4
Playing time: 15 to 21 minutes

Amazon rates Candyland 4.5 stars, currently out of 270 ratings. Find more reviews or add Candyland to your cart now! This classic, nostalgia collectors tin is adorable and way more friendly for storing than the big ‘ol cardboard box!

Next, lets check out our #8 pick for family date night!

8. Four-Card Golf

Next, is Four-Card Golf! While looking for an official reference for rules of play, I determined that we were incorrectly taught the name of this game. We had been calling it “Blind Poker” but that is another card game entirely. Our card game is more commonly referred to as Four-Card Golf. <<Here you can find official rules and there are numerous variations. The version we play is very simple, because we play with kids. So, I’ll outline our rules also, should you choose to play it our way, or the other “official Four-Card Golf” ways.

Golf is a card game for two or more players, in which the object is to score as little as possible, as in the sport of Golf. Each player has a layout of cards, initially face down, which can be successively replaced by new cards drawn from the stock or discard pile. The aim is to make a layout scoring as little as possible. 

A standard 52-card pack is used, and the number of players could in theory be from two to around eight or more, though the game is said to be best for about four. With a large number of players, say eight or more, two packs may be shuffled together. The deal and play are clockwise.

The player to the dealer’s left begins, and the turn to play passes clockwise. At your turn you must either draw the top card of the face-down stock, or draw the top discard, or knock to cause the play to end.


Now, here are our variation of the rules:

  • You are allowed to look at 2 of your 4 cards.
  • Next, draw a card and replace it with a known card or gamble by replacing an unknown card.
  • Later, during any of your turns, you can choose to knock on the table to end the game, in lieu of drawing a new card. At that point, everyone else at the table gets to draw/replace one last card before cards are tallied.
  • Aces = 1, Jacks = 0, Kings and Queens = 10, everything else is face value.
  • Last, the player with the lowest score wins!

The official rules discuss playing with chips and anti’s but for our sake, we just play a friendly game. Winner just gets bragging rights; no chips nor money exchanged. Up to you! I actually recall playing a drinking game variation of this in college… er high school, oops! haha!

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Age: 5+ would be my recommendation
Players: 2+

Add some fresh playing cards to your cart, and get to playing Four-Card Golf with your family!

Next, lets check out our #7 pick for family date night!

7. Pictionary

Next, is Pictionary. It is so much for kids and adults alike! We have such a great time playing! I will say however to steer away from the Pictionary Air version on the TV screen… it never picks up what the adults draw for some reason. Just an unnecessary pain, in our opinion.

But, the classic game was created in 1981, and the family edition still never disappoints! It’s similar to charades, except you draw the clues instead of acting out the answers. If you have the cards, or DIY your own cards, you can just play with a bigger dry erase board that’s easy to see.

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Ages: 8+
Players: 2 teams

Amazon rates Pictionary 4.5 stars, currently out of 5,983 ratings. Find more reviews or add Pictionary to your cart now!

Next, lets check out our #6 pick for family date night!

6. Guess Who?

Next, Guess Who? is a great, quick game! As kids were much younger and needed some help with the light strategy involved, they would pair up with a parent team.** As they’ve grown, they’re just used to doing teams with us so we still all have fun as a family. Says for ages 6+, but as I mentioned, you can play with kids easily 3 years old and have a lot of fun.*

When me and Kailie (big sis) pair up, we always win!

Zoe Espinosa (age 6)

Guess Who? began being manufactured by Milton Bradley in 1979. If you’re not familiar with this classic, here’s a the gist.

Each player starts the game with a board that includes cartoon images of 24 people and their first names with all the images standing up. Each player selects a card of their choice from a separate pile of cards containing the same 24 images. The objective of the game is to be the first to determine which card one’s opponent has selected. Players alternate asking various yes or no questions to eliminate candidates, such as:

  • “Does your person wear a hat?”
  • “Does your person wear glasses?”
  • “Is your person a man?”

The player will then eliminate candidates (based on the opponent’s response) by flipping those images down until only one is left. Well-crafted questions allow players to eliminate one or more possible cards.

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Ages: 6+ *see above
Players: 2 **see above

Amazon rates Guess Who? 4.5 stars, currently out of 14,403 ratings. Find more reviews or add Guess Who? to your cart now!

Next, lets check out our #5 pick for family game night!

5. Headbanz

Next, I have to admit that when everyone first showed me Headbanz, I wasn’t too enthused. No idea why, just didn’t seem like it was going to be a great game. But, I was wrong! It’s so quick and easy. Requires some deductive reasoning skills, which is great to watch the kids heads spin trying to figure it out.

What I didn’t know until putting this post together is that the original Headbanz game (created in 1991) now has these expansion packs of Disney, Spiderman and Animals cards. Can you say, Easter Baskets! I also did hear about this sweet filters app they have… that’s happening! Ha!

Answer, what am I? in this classic rapid-action family guessing game, players are given three scoring badges, and each draw a card to stick on their headbands without looking.

On your turn, flip the timer and ask “yes” or “no” questions to find out what you are – an animal, food or object! Guess correctly and stick a scoring badge onto your headband, then pick a new card and continue asking questions! Guess incorrectly and lose your turn. The first player to earn three scoring badges wins!

Hedbanz is fun for kids, parents and grandparents and is perfect for family game night! Through play, kids will develop deductive reasoning and problem-solving skills in a fun and thrilling way. Download the optional and FREE Companion App to add wacky face filters to your friends/family! Can you handle the excitement of this wacky family guessing game? Now, get your family #GameSquad together and play Hedbanz to find out!

~Spin Master
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Ages: 6/7/8+ (varying boxes show different ages, age 6 is a safe bet IMO)
Players: 2 to 6 (+plus expansion pack)

Amazon rates Headbanz 4.5 stars, currently out of 22,809 ratings. Find more reviews or add Headbanz and/or the expansion pack to your cart now!

Next, lets check out our #4 pick for family date night!

4. Do You Really Know Your Family?

Next, my mother-in-law brought this game, Do You Really Know Your Family?, as a present for Christmas Eve. We were all very pleasantly surprised at how fun it was! It has so many great questions to really think about that person and learn things about your family that you didn’t know. Kids are hilarious what they come up with! The trivia would be fun on its own but they take it one step further with the challenges.

My goodness it’s a great time. We haven’t played this as a big family again and it still is high up on all of our favorites. Grandparents are getting invited over for dinner and this one is coming out of the game cabinet, ASAP!!

My twin daughters at the time were 6 years old and they struggled a tad bit because the box does recommend ages 8+, however, they were actually better at it than even the adults because it’s a game about observations and they are very funny! The ASM Games website actually says in their FAQs kids age 5 and up can play without issue; I agree.*

Now, here’s a little overview and some sample cards to give you an idea what you’re getting in to with the Do You Really Know Your Family? game.

Get ready for the best family game night as you laugh and learn new things about each other with this fun card game!

  • See who really knows the family best as you answer fun questions about each other while sparking interesting conversations.
  • Create hilarious family memories as you compete and perform silly challenges together.
  • Super easy to learn and play – a perfect game for families with kids, teens and adults.
  • Example trivia cards:
    What is my favorite restaurant to go together as a family?
    What is my least favorite vegetable?
    What do I wish we could do more of as a family?
    What was my favorite family vacation?
  • Example challenge cards:
    Do an impression of one of your relatives.
    Pick a dance move for everyone else to perform. You’re the judge to pick the best one.
    Everyone has 30 seconds to make you laugh (no touching). If you don’t smile, chuckle or laugh, you win the card.
    With your eyes closed someone to the left will give you something to smell and you have to guess what it is.
~ASM Games
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Ages: 8+ *see above
Players: 3 to 8
Playing time: 30 to 90 min

Amazon rates this game 4.5 stars, currently out of 10,131 ratings. Find more reviews or to add Do You Really Know Your Family? to your cart now!

Next, lets check out our #3 pick for family date night!

3. Spoons

Next, Spoons is a card game that takes me immediately back to my childhood, playing with my girlfriend across the street for hours upon end. When my oldest daughter mentioned it to me years ago, I was sooooo excited! It’s so funny watching the kids get so excited playing and absolutely pissed off at their own reaction time when they lose. Haha! Not going to lie, when my twins were like 4 years old and lost there was a few times they’d go stomping off to pout, but we honestly didn’t care because were were having too much fun!! Spoons is the number one favorite game for family game night for 2 of my 3 kids!

Spoons is my fav because I always beat everyone! Because I’m the fastest one!

Kailie Espinosa (age 10)

If you’ve never played Spoons, it’s a simple game you can play with a standard deck of playing cards and one fewer spoon than the number of people playing the game. Grab spoons from the kitchen drawer, or we opt for disposable spoons because they aren’t as sharp and it can get a little feisty sometimes! Here’s a quick overview from Bicycle Cards:

Each player tries to make four of a kind. The dealer takes a card off the top of the deck to have five cards in their hand, removes one and passes it face down to the left. Each player discards to the person on their left.

The last player places their discard into a trash pile. Cards are picked up and passed quickly around the table until someone gets four of a kind and takes a spoon from the center. Finally, once the player with four of a kind takes a spoon, anyone can take a spoon.


However, Bicyle’s official rules show the object of the game is slightly different than I played and how my daughter learned from her bestie. Bicycle says: Without a spoon, you get a letter. If a player spells “S-P-O-O-N”, they’re out! The last player standing wins! We’re a little more cut-throat… if you don’t grab a spoon, you’re out. Games move much more quickly that way!

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Additionally, this past Christmas Eve, I setup a Candy Cane Olympics for our family which was O-M-G amazing! (I’ll get a post out on how to do that soon!) One of the challenges was a spin on this game. But, instead of spoons, we used candy canes! Good times… makes me smile so big just thinking about it!

I always try my best to pay attention. I have good hearing to hear when someone grabs the spoons!

reese Espinosa (age 6)

Ages: 4+
Players: 3+

Add the playing cards, spoons or candy cane spoons to your cart now!

Next, lets check out our #2 pick for family date night!

2. Otrio

Next, Otrio is another game that we had gotten for Christmas one year and didn’t get around to it for a while. Randomly, on a quick, one-night getaway with my husband last December he packed this game. We played and had such an amazing time! We noticed that the box said ages 8+ so we tried it out for family date night.

The game, albeit a simple tic-tac-toe-like concept, involved a lot of strategy so we didn’t think the kids were going to enjoy or be capable of beating us. Oh were we wrong! First game, our 6 year old beat us.* We were baffled! Must have been beginners luck we thought… nope! They kick adults butts at Otrio all the time. I really don’t understand how they win so often; we get very competitive with this one! Especially my husband, Joe, who voted Otrio his favorite game for family date night. This obviously ranked very highly for all the kids, and me, too!

The games are quick. The strategy allows for both kids and adults to compete in a game of logic and planning.

joe Espinosa (aka dad)

Adults get quite frustrated when these little girls defeat them, just ask Uncle Jake! Ha! We played this with another couple recently; they went home and bought it for the two of them. So, like I said this is a good one for adults only, too! Here’s the gist on this tic-tac-toe-like game:

Be the first player to get three of your pieces in a row in one of three ways:

  • Three of the same sized pieces (big, medium or peg) in a row; vertically, horizontally or diagonally,
  • The concentric pieces in any one space (3 O’s), or
  • Three pieces in ascending or descending order; vertically, horizontally or diagonally.
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Ages: 8+ *see above
Players: 2 to 4
Playing time: 10 minutes

Amazon rates Otrio 4.5 stars, currently out of 4,325 ratings. Find more reviews or add Otrio to your cart now!

Last but not least, lets check out our #1 pick for family date night! Drum roll please….

1. What Do You Meme? (Family Edition)

Finally, the number one favorite game for family game night is What Do You Meme? Family Edition! We play this game quite a bit lately, so much so I’m not going to lie I’m very excited to have found this Expansion Pack! This game is similar to Apples to Apples if you’re familiar.

To play What Do You Meme? the judge of the hand selects a picture, then each player anonymously submits a caption to go along with that card to make their own custom “meme”. The players pick the card they think the judge of that round will find the most funny or best fit. Like if you’re playing with a 6 year old boy (I love my nephew), typically any caption with the word “poop” in it is a guaranteed winner, haha! It’s all about knowing your audience!

Our #1 bestselling game, What Do You Meme?® is now available in an all new family edition! All the fun of creating our own hilarious memes with our caption and photo cards, updated with completely family-friendly content. Everyone gets to be the judge, and everyone will get lots of laughs competing to be meme queen or king!

Perfect for parties, family game nights, holidays, reunions and more. Suitable for ages 8+

~What Do You Meme
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Also, What Do You Meme? Family Edition also has an adult version. My husband and I played it with just the two of us at a micro-brewery in Colorado once and were nearly pissing ourselves. **You’re supposed to have 3 players to have two captions submitted and another judge, but we had plenty of fun just being silly and not “officially” a proper winner. Fast forward to Christmas and you better believe that’s what he got wrapped under the tree, and he picked the family edition for the kids.

*Note: my girls have been playing at age 6 (1st grade), even though the box says 8+. The key is being able to read and interpret the card. Occasionally, one of the adults will need to help them with a word on a card but it’s not that big of a deal; unless you’re SUPER, SUPER competitive. So, as you’d expect, this game is my top choice for family game night!

Everyone is always giggling! Some of the cards are really hilarious! Playing ALWAYS puts everyone in a great mood.

leigh anne Espinosa (aka mom)

Age: 8+ *see above
Players: 3+ players **see above

Amazon has a 4.5 stars, currently out of 16,028 ratings. Find more reviews or add What Do You Meme? Family Edition to your cart now!

Finally, lets talk about making time and making this a priority!

Why Family Date Night?

It’s not just a family game night; it’s a family date night! To me, it’s equally as important to schedule a family date night as it is a date night with your husband. Schedules are busy! If we’re not intentional about when we can sneak in some quality time, we understandably squander those opportunities. When we get in the habit of playing games, we get more into that mindset and are more spontaneous with sneaking in a quick game!

Whether it’s officially a family date night, or just enough to squeeze in a quick game before dinner is ready, my husband and I love spending the time to connect with the kids. So much better than more time on their electronics! Same goes for us adults!

Quality Family Time + Laughing = The Best Memories

In closing, this is what I’m all about. If you think this is cool, visit my Memory in the Making blog for tons more inspiration spanning across topics to intentionally create special memories during the holidays, on vacation, with hosting parties or dates with your spouse, 1 on 1 with kids or a whole family date night!

Without a doubt, save this Top 10 Games for Family Date Night Pin as gift ideas for their upcoming birthday, Easter basket or Christmas presents!

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Lastly, Looking For Other Family Date Night Ideas? Here’s a couple cute ones! Find more on my Pinterest board “Family Fun Day“!

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