Belly Laughing Hotel Scavenger Hunt for Your Family

Low-Prep, FREE Hotel Scavenger Hunt

Step 1: Print this FREE Hotel Scavenger Hunt (1 copy per team).


Seriously, it can be as easy as that. If you want to amp up the stakes a bit, see the prize ideas (including no-prep prizes) below! Download now.

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Get Those Hearts Pumping!

We had such a cool a Staycation with my family of 5, and my mother-in-law and brother-in-law in a nearby town recently. My oldest daughter was 9 and the younger two were 6-year-olds (twins). As soon as we were able to check-in that afternoon, this free, printable Hotel Scavenger Hunt was the first thing we did. I’m sooo glad it was!

Full of excitement and energy, as soon as the hotel scavenger hunt time-clock started, we were all off to the races! Literally, sprinting down the halls and belly laughing at how silly we must have looked. With zero care in the world and the adrenaline was pumping, it was about as quality of family time as you can get!

I couldn’t recommend this any more highly, especially as a free family vacation activity idea! Every family should do this at least once. We 100% will do this again on vacation with our kids, their cousins, or friends!


How to Play:

Divide into Teams

  • You’ll need a minimum of 2 teams, including 2 adults.
  • You can play with large groups. There is no maximum number of teams.
  • Pair a child(ren) up with an adult.
  • Having an uneven number of people is honestly no problem at all.
  • Either you can determine the teams in advance, draw out of a hat or rock, paper, scissors. Your call, Mama!

The Hotel Scavenger Hunt Rules

For your convenience, this hotel scavenger hunt’s rules are included on the printout. Here’s the gist:

  • Each team sets out to collect all of the items on the checklist and bring them back to home base.
  • Each team searches the hotel to find answers to all of the questions on the list. To verify the accuracy of the team’s answers, bringing photographic evidence is suggested.
  • The first team to return to home base with everything completed and correct is the winner!
  • Even if you do not complete everything on the list, you must return to home base before the clock runs out or be disqualified.
  • The team with the most completed correctly, in the best time, wins!


As long as you have the printouts, you can 100% wing the rest. However, if you wish to make things even easier, pack a pen and a bag to collect the items in for each group.

Determine the amount of time you’re going to give your group to complete the challenge. It is a race to be the first group back, so you’re going to be running all around anyway. I’d suggest anywhere between 20 – 30 minutes.

Make sure each group has their own room key and a cell phone. My family got so excited, we ran out without a key and had to wait for another team to return with a key, haha!

Lastly, what challenge would be complete without a prize?!

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Prize Ideas For the Winning Team

When I brought a hotel scavenger hunt along on our family staycation, I decided to buy a $20 lotto ticket for the first prize team! That was hilarious because my daughter kept rolling her winnings into more scratch-offs. This went on for months and her other sisters were so jealous, ha!

If you know how your teams will break down, such as 1 adult + 2 kids per team, you could award the adult with a badass koozie and the kids each with water dive toys for the pool! (Insert any thing you were going to buy for the trip anyway.)

The possibilities are endless! Don’t have time? Don’t sweat it; there are tons of no-prep prizes you can wing it with and still be the coolest mom ever!

No-Prep Prize Ideas

  • Winners get to order dessert from room service!
  • Winners get to pick the restaurant for dinner!
  • Winners get to pick play DJ on the drive home!
  • Winners get to pick a souvenir.
  • Not to mention bragging rights, until you play again!

The Best Kind of Memories

Do NOT miss my full guide: 5 Steps to Plan the Ultimate Family Staycation!! This will save you so much time and totally maximize your family’s fun!

If you’re blocking the time and already spending the coin on a family vacay, you might as well make the most of it! This is what I’m all about. If you think this is cool, visit my Memory in the Making blog for tons more inspiration!

This kind of quality family time is priceless. You will never get this magical time with your kids back. They’ll be grown in a blink!

Get your next memory in the making now: Download my FREE Printable Hotel Scavenger Hunt!

The kids AND the adults will thank you later!!

Coolest. Mom. Ever.

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