How to BOO kids friends for Halloween plus 7 free printable Boo Letters with QR codes
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How To BOO Kid’s Friends for Halloween!

You may be thinking, what the heck do I mean by How to BOO? A.K.A. Booing the Neighbors, BOO-ing Friends, Getting Booed, Boo Basket, Boo Bucket, Boo Bag, or Boo’d; “Boo-ing” a friend is like a cross between the good ‘ol fashion chain mail and ding dong ditch… only way cuter!👻 If you’re going to be the first Boo-er to kick off the Boo-ing this season, start early in October so there’s enough time for more families to get hit before Halloween!

Our family has kicked off the Boo-ing for many years and it’s honestly one of our favorite things of the year! And simple. In general, kids can anonymously drop off a surprise on a friend’s porch with a note explaining it and instructions on how to Boo two additional neighbors. If they continue the chain, it should spread throughout the whole school before Halloween!

The basics of being Boo’d:
  1. Your doorbell rings after dark. You panic and think who tf* is ringing our doorbell at night?! ha so true!
  2. The kiddos are surprised to find a surprise with a letter that says “You’ve Been Boo’d!”
  3. Lots of giggles checking the Ring doorbell footage and trying to figure out who Boo’d you! Scan the QR code and learn…
  4. Now it’s time for you to “Boo” two!” Time to quickly prepare for your family to go Boo-ing, within the next two nights.
  5. Put your Boo Letter on your door to (attempt) to not get Boo’d again! (Can’t guarantee over-excited kids will see it and bail, haha!)
  6. Simply print copies of your fav Boo Letters and gather stuff for your Boo Baskets!
  7. Kids: dress up in all black and wear a baseball cap to illude those pesky doorbell cameras.
  8. Parents: park down the street with the lights off and let the kids leave the Boo Basket on the porch, ring the door bell and run back to the car!
  9. Speed away in the getaway car, all giggling the whole way home! Happy Halloween!
Learn "How to Boo" kid's friends for Halloween from Memory in the Making
My sneaky lil Boo-ers looking adorbs and totally “sus”!

How To BOO Prep:

Let me start by saying there is absolutely no “right” way to do this. You can be as cutesy or simple as you’d like and your time allows. The aim is to BOO the next two friends within two nights so there’s ample time to make its way through town before Halloween, so do not over think it! And seriously, don’t miss the point of Boo-ing; if you spend more than $10 bucks, you’re doing it wrong!

First, the most important step is to print out copies of the Boo Letters to put in the Boo Baskets! Next, I’ll show you how to whip together a Boo Basket below.

FREE Printable Boo Letters

I’ve created a fun variety of 7 unique, FREE Boo Letters you can download and print. Your kiddo can choose the “You’ve been BOO’d” vibe for each of their friends. Booing your neighbors is fun for all ages: kindergarteners to tweens! And I guarantee the parents will enjoy, too!

Each printable Boo Letter includes a QR code that takes your kid’s friend to my Boo Letter webpage. Once the QR code is scanned, they’ll learn it’s now their turn to “Boo” two! For convenience, I include a link for parents to print out their Boo Letter copies and Boo Basket tips. >>Preview the Boo Letter’s QR webpage they’ll see here: You’ve Been Boo’d!

Which Boo Letter is Your Fav?

Get started. Download your FREE Printable Boo Letters now!

Boo Basket Goodies

Second, it’s time to put together the actual Boo Basket. Feel free to be creative with a container you already have, and then hit the Dollar Store! (Or the Target “dollar” bins if you’re bougie, haha!) Over the years, I’ve grabbed any sort of container I can find and fill it with a couple goodies. Containers can be anything from a trick or treating reusable bag, to a plastic pumpkin bucket, or even a gift bag! Whatever is easily accessible and cheap is perfect!

Now, here are a few pics from our year’s past of Boo Baskets we gave and have received for inspo:

Third, by Boo Basket Goodies I mean things like:

  • Glow sticks (my fav!)
  • Halloween candy
  • Stickers
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Cheapy costume accessories a la Dollar Store (cat ears, mask, vampire teeth, etc.)
  • Pencil
  • Candy flavored chapstick
  • Toothbrush
  • Cups
  • Trick or treating light up necklace
  • Fake spider ring
  • Stretchy spider web decoration
  • Balloon

I LOVE including something like a glow stick or two so it lights up in the dark on the porch. While you may be Boo-ing your child’s friend, if they have siblings I personally like to include goodies for them, too. If goodies are specific for them, I have gotten individual Boo Baskets for each kid, too. Totally optional. Next, add a little extra fun with a balloon in your Boo Basket!

Use Balloons with Boo Baskets

Here are a few ideas when it comes to including balloons with the Boo Baskets:

  • Crack and insert a glowstick or two before blowing up the balloon
  • Draw a ghost face with a black sharpie on a white balloon
  • Add helium to balloons and tie to the baskets for extra fun effect
  • Otherwise just set them on the top of the bucket’s opening
  • Write BOO! on an orange, purple or green balloon
  • Let the kids draw whatever their lil hearts desire on them
I’d love to see your creative Boo Basket ideas! Tag me on social with your Boo Baskets and I’ll share your great ideas!

To Clue or Not to Clue?

Lastly, it’s entirely up to you if you want to include some sort of clue written on the Boo Letter or in the Boo Basket for their friends to guess!

It’s Time to Go Boo-ing!

This is honestly THE BEST PART. Being Boo’d is pretty cool, but doing the Boo-ing is where it’s at! It’s bound to bring back some old memories of TPing, ding dong ditching or the Boo-ing you used to do. Yes! My hometown had Boo-ing too, way back in the late 1900s LMAO!

I highly recommend this be a whole family challenge, if you can swing it with your schedules. Dress the kiddos up in all black. Put on a baseball cap or hoodie to try and illude the dang doorbell cameras. My husband got cute one year and put on spooky Halloween noise music and the little 5 y.o. ones got all scared 🤣 but, set the mood, build the hype and prep the kids for how to BOO! Here are a few pics of my kiddos and my nephew looking adorably “sus”!

Park a few doors down. Keep the car running. Turn off the lights.

Their adrenaline is seriously pumping. Especially if this is their first time, they’re going to forget to ring the doorbell OR leave the Boo Basket; I swear it’s happened more than once to my kiddos haha! If yours are frazzled about the instructions and/or young, plan to get out of the car with them and give them reminders on how to BOO whilst lurking back behind a bush.

Run, run, RUN back to the getaway car! My husband and I wait while they click into their belts, and keep an eye to see if friends actually come find it at the door. If we think doorbell didn’t actually ring and they’re home, I may send the kids back to bang a few times on the door for extra good measure and giggles. And of course, text the parent if ya need. And THAT is How To BOO!

Lastly, don’t forget to snap a few pics or funny video of your sneaky Boo-ers making great family memories! Cuz that’s what life’s all about!

Happy Halloween!

Without a doubt, save this How to BOO Kid’s Friends for Halloween and FREE You’ve Been Boo’d Printable Boo Letters on your board!

…Or text a link to your partner in crime!

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You’ve Been Boo’d FAQ:

We got a Boo Letter on our porch, what is this?!?!

Welp. Your kid has been BOO’d by one of their friends. Boo-ing is like a cross between the good ‘ol fashion chain mail and ding dong ditch… only way cuter! 👻

We’ve been Boo’d. Now what do we have to do?

As you see, it’s now your kid’s turn to BOO two friends of theirs, ASAP. Let the giggles continue, this is the best part! Make it a whole family challenge if you can swing it with your schedules!

When do we need to BOO our friends by?

BOO two friends within the next two nights! The aim is to do this ASAP, so there’s ample time for the Boo-ing to make its way through the town before Halloween. You are going to have a riot!

Who Boo’d us?

About that… you may never know! Muahaha! But you maaaay want to watch video doorbell footage if you have it to see if the Boo-ers weren’t quite sneaky enough! Or, it’s possible they chose to leave a clue for you.

How do we prep for Boo-ing?

There’s absolutely no “right” way to do this. But there are a few key steps. Simply include a Boo Letter and use a Boo Basket of sorts. Don’t worry, get the full scoop of “How To BOO Kid’s Friends for Halloween” above!

Where do I print the Boo Letter from?

Choose from a variety of 7 of the cutest printable Boo Letters, including this one you just received. They all include the same QR code to an You’ve Been Boo’d FAQ webpage, so your friends get the full down low.

Click to download them FREE now! The Boo Letters will hit your email within a few minutes, courtesy of this Memory in the Making blog!

What’s up with the Boo Basket?

Be creative with a container you already have, and then hit the Dollar Store! (Or the Target “dollar” bins” if you’re booshie, haha!)  Whatever is easily accessible and cheap is perfect. Ideas include: trick or treating bags, a plastic pumpkin bucket, a gift bag, etc.

What stuff do I have to put in the Boo Basket?

There are no rules and you don’t have to do anything. Whatever you’ve got on hand or can find at the Dollar Store is perfect. Goodies ideas include things like: glow sticks, Halloween candy, stickers, temporary tattoos, etc. Get a full list of Boo Basket stuff ideas above!

When is the best time to go Boo-ing?

Ideally, wait until after dark to go. Dress in all black and even wear hoodies or baseball caps to disguise yourselves from those pesky doorbell cameras!

Parents, park a few doors down. Keep the car running and the lights off for extra dramatic effect and get the kiddos adrenaline pumping!

Have a great time making memories with your family! Happy Halloween!

How do I make sure we don’t get Boo’d again?

Put your Boo Letter on your door to (attempt) to not get Boo’d again! (Can’t guarantee over-excited kids will see it and bail, haha!) If you do get Boo’d again, I’d recommend you keep the Boo Basket in tact and have the kids run it over to another neighbor kid to spread more Halloween fun!

If you How to BOO think this is cool, visit my Memory in the Making blog for tons more family fun inspiration! And get your next Memory in the Making!

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