Picture perfect Mother's Day: Capture the Moment to Cherish Forever
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Picture Perfect Mother’s Day: Capture the Moment to Cherish Forever

Do you ever look through old photos and realize there are barely any pictures of you with your family? You’re not alone. Well, good news; there’s no better time to change that! This Mother’s Day, get your husband behind the camera. If yours is anything like mine, you’re going to have to let him know exactly what you want and even show him how to use the portrait settings on his phone for the first time, haha! Let’s get you ready to capture beautiful moments this Spring. These picture perfect Mother’s Day photos just might become cherished memories that you can look back on for years to come!

I came across this statistic, and if this doesn’t get your eyes watering…

Picture perfect Mother's Day Quote
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…and that’s if we’re fortunate.

My blog, Memory in the Making, was created for this reason. Life is short and I strive to stay intentional about living it to the fullest. My mission is to inspire other mamas to not only live in the moment but put the extra effort into making ‘one more’ extra special moment for yourself, your husband, your children, friends and family. Being a Mom is not an easy job, so lets celebrate us both overcoming the struggles, and the overwhelming love for our children!

Get Snapping, Huz!

Unfortunately, without a big nudge from you, another Mother’s Day may pass with your husband taking only one, less-than-flattering picture of you and the kids on the couch as your only memento. Am I right? This year, lets take the reigns and capture that a picture perfect Mother’s Day. Husbands: listen up!

First, set yourself up for a good one by putting a little thought into the location. With any luck, it will be a beautiful Spring day and you can get outside. Why not take a stroll in the fresh air and capture some candid action shots of you and your loved ones? You can choose your ideal background scenery to make your photos even more special. Head to the park, or pause for a moment in front of a pretty tree in the neighborhood or your yard.

If you’re as fortunate as I am, this year I will celebrate with all of my children, mom, sister and mother-in-law. I try to remind myself that another year is never a guarantee, yet I usually miss the boat in capturing the little moments. If you feel the same way, get Grandma in some generational pictures, too!

Lastly, set your expectations super low! “Picture perfect” is probably a big stretch, but you may get really lucky! Totally worth a shot! …and it cannot be any worse than that double chin, frumpy couch picture with the baby’s full diaper in the scene, ha! (And if it is… hire are photog for a professional mini-shoot!)

Strike a Pose

I never know how to take a flattering photo. Usually it’s sheer luck that I find myself in a good one. I figured I’m probably not the only one, so I’ve found some inspiration to share.

I am NOT a professional photographer by any stretch, so I took to Pinterest and found some tips from actual pros! Here are some great tips from @laurenstepek “A Whole New World Blog”.

  • Make sure everyone is fed.
  • Early mornings or evenings during sunset are the best times to take outdoor photos; but the kid’s mood should come first when picking the best time.
  • Shoot candid moments, such as:
    • Throw up in the air
    • make them giggle,
    • walk holding hands,
    • dance together, or
    • chase each other
  • Put the kids in a pretty dress or outfit they are comfortable and excited to show off.
  • Set your expectations low and be pleasantly surprised if the kids cooperate! Focus on just having fun.

See the full post Taking Photos with Kids Tips for more inspiration, editing and photography course.

Plus, think of all the cute and hilarious outtakes that will come with trying to snap the perfect shot. So let’s get those cameras ready and create some unforgettable moments!

Flowers in Her Hair
Toss in the Air
Hold Hands
Proud Mama

Next, lets talk mom-style…

Picture Perfect Mother’s Day Style

So… I’m looking at these adorable candid photo shoots and I can’t help but notice the outfits. Consider opting for a cute dress you’ve got in your closet instead of jeans. Nothing wrong with a casual photo, but this is a great excuse to take a little extra me-time getting ready. Don’t forget some cute shoes and accessories! Here are a few comfortable, flattering choices you can quickly get dropped at your door. I can vouch for them, they’re great choices. Maybe, treat yourself!

Secondly, the kids also have super cute outfits, often times coordinating. I’m not going to be buying matching outfits with my girls but maybe that’s your thing! I think what’s most important is that everyone’s outfits pair nicely with each other. Similar styles or colors. And outdoor photos typically go for earthy, more neutral colors. Now, check the weather and go check the kiddo’s closet!

Cherish these Moments Forever

Our kids are going to be grown in a blink and these magical years with them are limited. Being a mom is such a blessing! Why not find a great spot in your home to display a beautiful photo that captures your love for your babies?

Let’s face it, your husband is probably at a loss for what gift to get for you for Mother’s Day anyway. Let him know you plan to take photos on Mother’s Day and ask him and your kids to pick out a pretty picture frame! Hint hint 😉 I’d like a {natural wood color} frame… be specific, he’ll be grateful! And if in doubt, have him facetime your sister at the store, haha!

Next, let’s talk about Grandma!

A Gift for Your Mama

Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to capture a special moment between grandma and her grandkids. What better way to celebrate a Grandma’s love on her special day than by capturing a heartwarming photo with her grandkids! Imagine grandma in the center, surrounded by her precious grandchildren, beaming with joy and pride. You can even hear her say, “Oh my goodness, you’re all so big now!”

Next, here’s a few beautiful picture perfect Mother’s Day generational photo ideas.

After, print or create a gift with that photo to freeze that moment in time, and create a lasting memory that she can cherish forever. Every time she looks at that photo gift, it will remind her of the love and bond she shares with her children and grandchildren.

What a thoughtful gift for her birthday or Christmas! From canvas prints to a custom mini-photo-album to Christmas ornaments, there are endless ways to showcase a generational photo in a stylish and creative way. Grandma will be beaming with pride when she sees her beautiful family captured in a cherished keepsake.

Now, if you’re not feeling sentimental yet, I don’t know what will!

Gratitude and Reflection of a Mother

It’s that time of year where we get to celebrate ourselves and all the hard work we do day in and day out. And, a day dedicated to celebrating the wonderful women who shaped us into who we are today. Whether it’s the motherly figure who raised you or the motherly figure you are to your own beautiful children, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to reflect on all the love and laughter that fills your life. So, let’s take a moment to appreciate and fill our hearts with gratitude for the incredible humans who have blessed our lives and made each day brighter. Now, let’s raise our mimosas to the wonderful mothers and grandmothers in our lives, both past and present!

Lastly, after you get your husband to play along, thank him for being a good sport. He’s not a professional photog so hopefully you’ll get a good one or two and that’s all you can wish for! Hopefully, he’ll take more candid photos of you in the future! And don’t forget to return the favor for him on Father’s Day!

Without a doubt, save this Picture Perfect Mother’s Day Pin on your board!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. I love this post, especially the ideas for poses to get great photos. As my mum is no longer with us, it’s an especially important reminder, as we never know when photos and memories will be all we have.

    1. I’m sorry for your loss and thank you for your thoughts. Life is short. It’s what drives me to inspire other moms to get their next memory in the making!

  2. Really beautiful blog. Excellent advice in the piece, and it includes much more detail than I first expected. Great work! I love the example images. I might force my husband to read this article before next week to prepare!

  3. I love your tone of voice in your article and pictures and everything. It was a pleasure to read. My husband is the same. I take pictures of the whole family and am on none of them. In the future, someone may think a single dad raised my children.

    1. Ha! Too funny. Thank you for your kind words, I’m so glad you enjoyed! I hope I inspired you to give him that extra nudge more regularly 🙂 make sure you get in more photos!

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