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Teepee Sleepover Party Ideas

It’s no wonder teepee sleepover parties have become all the rage. They are soooooo stinkin’ cute! But, I’m not going to lie, they can be pretty expensive and are at a high difficulty level, especially if you don’t have a full guide like this. Great news! I’ve got you covered from start to finish with these teepee sleepover party ideas.

Decide if you want to throw this party or hire a professional service instead. Check out my break down of the cost and time involved below and decide for yourself!

The teepee sleepover party ideas cover:

If you’re seriously considering a teepee sleepover party, I highly recommend you read through the entirety of this post as it will save you a lot of time and money!

Upgrade Your Sleepover Party

There’s no denying how adorable teepee sleepover parties look, but I agree, there seems like a lot involved and make you hesitate to open that can of worms. I hear ya! What tipped me over the edge with jumping into trying the teepee sleepover party ideas I had been Pinning for a few years was Christmas gift idea time.

Avoid additional expenses by purchasing the teepee sleepover party for Christmas, then use for birthday & sleepover parties all year long! Now that’s how ya maximize your “cool points”, Mama!

I’m a big fan of gifting experiences vs. things, but we can’t help ourselves but try and find some super cool gifts to put under the tree, too! I actually have a ton of inspiration of Experience Gift Ideas for Families that I highly recommend you check out. Pin these sleepover ideas to your Pinterest Board now, to save it for later!

When I gift “things”, my preference is to buy the things that go along with creating the experiences; either experiences of a lifetime (i.e. sunglasses or a suitcase for upcoming vacation) or things like teepees which can be used over and over again for memorable childhood sleepover party nights!

First, let me dive into all of the different occasions you can throw teepee sleepover party nights!

Occasions for Teepee Sleepover Party Nights

If you are DIYing a teepee sleepover party, it would be silly to use only once. There is a significant initial investment in the full teepee setups, as you’ll see below. You should absolutely re-use as often as possible. So, let me list a few examples of different occasions you can continue to re-purpose these teepee sleepover party ideas for.

  • Birthday party
  • Fri-yay night sleepover with siblings
  • On a random weekend with a girlfriend
  • During month of December, as a countdown to Christmas activity
  • Spooky Halloween movie night with cousins

As you can see, these teepees and the coordinating supplies can be re-purposed for many years to come. Now, the key question is:

Should I invest in throwing adorable teepee slumber parties, or do I wanna hire a professional to rent and handle ALL of the details?

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning that if you click through & make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

Invest to DIY vs. Hiring a Pro

Before you decide, I think it would be helpful to generally understand what will go into planning and creating your own teepee sleepover party. First, I’ll break down how much it will cost, what basics you will need to buy and then how much time is involved.

How much do teepee sleepover parties cost?

Obviously, the exact cost is going to vary based on some variables. But, I will give you a few considerations to help you estimate your price range.

First, how many teepees do you want to buy?

I have 3 daughters. However, I landed on buying 5 teepees. Here was my train of thought:

  • I was starting with a sibling Christmas gift and setup 3 teepees for Christmas morning surprise.
  • I knew I wanted to continue to re-purpose the teepees for many parties to come.
  • My daughters have 2 cousins around their age, and I wanted to be able to use when they sleepover for their annual Spooky Halloween movie night (and random other sleepover nights).
  • I anticipated my oldest daughter using for a teepee sleepover birthday party, a few months later.
  • Also, I anticipated my younger, twin daughters using it for their 1st sleepover, ever!
  • My oldest could invite up to 4 girlfriends and my twins invite up to 3. Seemed like plenty and a manageable number of friends.
  • Lastly, and probably most importantly, I considered what location in my house I’d be setting up the teepees and how much space I realistically had. (More on this below.)

Second, what basics do you need to buy?

Again, the word “need” I use loosely. But, without getting into too much detail on actual teepee sleepover party ideas, themes, etc. there are a few basics you’ll want to establish. First, I’ll give you a little context into my thought process, so you can use your best judgement in establishing your estimated price range.

My first setup, I wanted to go with a Grinch theme for a Christmas morning surprise! So, I committed to buying Grinch sheets. As adorable as that is, buying pieces extremely specific to my theme caused me to increase my overall, future cost. Now keep in mind, I have since used the Grinch teepee sheets again, and will continue to do so annually as a Christmas countdown activity of theirs; which is why I determined it was worth it, to me.


First, I purchased my teepees on Etsy. I found this wonderful shop Lloyd Creations that specializes in making these “kids tents for glamping“. The customer service is top notch, they surprisingly have very quick shipping available, and make the entire process as easy as possible. Choose from numerous color fabric options, as well. (I opted for white to have the most flexibility with the themes). Highly recommend this Etsy shop. And if you don’t want to take my word for it, these teepee tents currently has over 1300 5-STAR reviews and their shop has 9000 5-STAR reviews!

Price will vary based on the quantity of teepee tents you’re purchasing. For example the pack of 5 I purchased is currently $275 + free shipping. If you’re buying more or less teepees, factor ~$60 a teepee tent.

Featuring the teepee tents by Lloyd Creations, available on Etsy
air mattresses

Second, I sourced air mattresses. The Lloyd Creations Etsy shop recommended pairing with an air mattress that is 39″W x 75″L x 10″H. This air mattress pictured below is currently available on Amazon or compare current price with Walmart’s air mattress. Pair with a quick-fill air pump, like this.

sheets & blankets

Third, I recommend that you purchase a few sets of sheets and pillow cases, and blankets in a white, neutral color. This is the most economical way to coordinate with almost any theme by simply swapping accessories! Always purchase the amount of sheets, etc. to be equal to your total teepees, so you have all options in the future. Here are a few super inexpensive choices that a perfect for the teepee sleepover party.


The trays are such an adorable and functional touch to all of the teepee sleepover party ideas. The kids really do use them a ton! I sourced mine from IKEA. They are a perfect height (10 1/4″), they’re inexpensive, and they fold flat for easy storage! Compare prices of the IKEA KLIPSK trays to other “white fold flat bed trays” options currently available on Amazon.


Fourth, I have found that I can find super cheap furry bath mats that totally do the trick. I purchased this small 16″ x 21″ rug from Walmart in pink for less than $10 each! They have a few color options, too. Compare to these current Amazon pricing and available styles (shopping tip: adjust the filter to $10 max price).

twinkle “fairy” lights

Fifth, these battery operated strings of fairy lights are absolutely perfect! They are available in a variety of colors, are quick and easy. There are a lot in the pack so you can use these many times.

Other accessories

Lastly, anticipate something being purchased as accessories to your theme. It’s not required by any means and it is possible you can re-purpose other things you have in your house already. But, I have a feeling you know the likelihood of you spending on accessories or not. Accessorize with these teepee sleepover party ideas:

  • Stuffed animals
  • Decorative throw pillows
  • Tchotchkes on the trays
  • Theme specific, small blanket throws
  • String, theme colored ribbon across the teepees
  • Balloons

Next, is the moment you’ve been waiting for; lets total the cost of setting up all of these teepee sleepover party ideas.

Initial Cost to Create a Teepee Sleepover Party

In summary, with the “basics” above and the provided context, you can estimate your initial investment to create a teepee sleepover party. Your cost is going to adjust based on the number of teepee tents you’re outfitting. So, I’ll go out on a limb and approximate basics, plus $25 per teepee for accessories wiggle room!

**ESTIMATED all-in price ranges based on these teepee sleepover party ideas:

  • 2 Teepees: $350 – $425
  • 3 Teepees: $525 – $620
  • 4 Teepees: $700 – $825
  • 5 Teepees: $875 – $1025
  • 6 Teepees: $1050 – $1225

**This is for the 1st time. After that, your only cost is limited to accessorizing to your next theme (~$25 per teepee), or zero-dollars if you are using the same theme again!

Still with me? If so, you’re next burning question has to be about how much effort is involved.

How long does it take to setup?

Truthfully, there are two time considerations.

  1. The time to plan the theme, source and purchase everything.
  2. The time it takes to physically setup for the party.

My goal is to help drastically speed up that 1st time commitment for you with a ton of teepee sleepover party ideas and links to quick, add-to-cart. However, the planning and shopping timeframe is going to vary from mom to mom. Largely, it will be based on your answers to these questions:

  • Are you just click and buying everything from my links? If so, you just took the biggest short-cut possible!
  • Do you party plan extensively and this comes naturally to you?
  • Are you a wizard when it comes to scouring the interwebs for amazing deals and options?
  • Are you knocking this out in one planning session or piecing it together slowly over days, weeks or months?

Take every short-cut provided, including reading this full post, you’re probably looking at an hours worth of prep work. If you’re at the other end of the spectrum, maybe 5 hours of scouring, indecisively online. And if you go shopping at a physical store, I admire your ambition, haha!

How much time do I need to setup a teepee slumber party?

Next, lets talk about the 2nd time estimate, for you physically setting up for the teepee sleepover party. I will have to provide a time range for you. And based on your answers to these questions, you can guess where you’re going to land in that spectrum.

  • Will you have the help from your husband?
  • Did you go with a quick-fill air mattress pump?
  • Do you host themed parties regularly, that you more naturally, zip around setups like this quickly?
  • Are you a crazy perfectionist that will tinker with every tiny thing until it’s perfect?

According to Lloyd Creations, the teepees I recommended above take approximately 10 minutes each to assemble. Watch their setup tutorial video on YouTube here:

Lloyd Creations Kids Glamping Tent Setup Tutorial

Air mattresses you can approximate 5 minutes each. Wash the new sheets, 30 minutes. Making the beds should be about 5 minutes each. To string fairy lights and do a little accessorizing, lets add 20 minutes.

*ESTIMATED time to setup all the teepee sleepover party ideas:

  • 2 Teepees: 90 minutes
  • 3 Teepees: 2 Hours
  • 4 Teepees: 2 Hours 15 minutes
  • 5 Teepees: 2 Hours 45 minutes
  • 6 Teepees: 3 Hours

**This is for the 1st time. After that, if you can store the flat teepees assembled that reduces the setup time significantly!

Dissembling the teepee sleepover party will take a bit of time, too. Fold up the teepees and store. Deflate air mattresses. Wash sheets. Breakdown and store the rest of the accessories.

Keep in mind, I cannot estimate the amount of clean-up time before the party to get the room ready. Nor how messy the kiddos will be! But, it is time you’ll want to factor in on both ends. And probably a bit more time than you’d guess, too, if you’re anything like me or my kids! I recommend you put a spoiled, little helper to work!

Hiring a Professional Teepee Sleepover Service

After going through the costs and time involvement estimates above, if you’re doubting whether or not throwing a teepee sleepover party is for you – you are not alone! There are many incredibly cool professional services that can handle events like this for you, start to finish.

Depending on the amount of teepees you need they will quote you to come out to setup and clean-up the next day. They will have a variety of different themes you can choose from and make life so much easier!

I live in the Chicagoland area and this is a locally-based, small business owner who services the greater Chicagoland area: @sleeping_bella_teepees. From the looks of her work, she is definitely a pro and her setups are super thoughtfully curated. She has so many different themes available, such as spa, mermaid, fairy, video games, Sleeping Beauty, rainbow, clouds, painting, and more!

Next, I will go over some tips should this teepee sleepover be for a slumber party birthday.

Birthday Party Planning Guide

If your teepee sleepover party is in anticipation of a birthday party, you’re in luck! I have a whole birthday party planning guide post in which I cover a wide range of topics I am sure you will find super helpful. The guide starts with planning and executing the friends birthday party, but also includes family party and day-of birthday planning guidance to add extra magical fun, stress-free!

Starting at age 3, I’ve been doing a mother daughter date tradition for birthday party planning with all 3 of my daughters and we ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! I recommend this process start about 1.5 to 2 months in advance of the party, so save the Pin below now and get this date on the books with your daughter!

Most recently, I took my oldest daughter out to a local coffee shop and we came up with ideas and planned out her 10th birthday party! After scouring Pinterest, she landed on an afternoon tea birthday party. And let me tell you… it was ADORABLE!! Hop over to my post, Ten Terrific Tea Party Ideas, for cute and lots of time saving ideas!

Let’s face it. Our kids are going to be grown in a blink and these magical years with them are limited. Birthdays can be so special and are a huge opportunity for precious mother-daughter memories. I refuse to squander it.

Since we have the teepees, and it was going to be a small birthday with 3 of her girlfriends, she of course wanted to have them sleepover! Below, I’ll spill all the detailed teepee sleepover party ideas including the activities, decorations, and sleepover party favors.

Slumber Party Themes

Regardless of this is a sleepover party or not, you will want to decide on a theme. If you are co-planning it with your daughter, the tips in the mother daughter date tradition still apply to gathering all of your teepee sleepover party ideas, too! And if you’re surprising your child(ren) the first time, have fun with it!!

  • Slumber party birthday
  • Spa
  • Game night
  • Popcorn and movie night
  • Artist
  • Baker
  • Hawaiian
  • Tea party
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Glow in the dark dance party
  • The Grinch Who Stole Christmas
  • Spooky Halloween movie night

Based on which theme you choose, you have a world of options for activities and decorations to coordinate! See below for more theme-specific teepee sleepover party ideas.

What to do at slumber parties?

There a ton of teepee sleepover party ideas you can do! Some are tied more specifically to the party’s theme and others are universally fun at any sleepover. Here are a few for inspiration:

  • Spa (see below!)
  • Play board games (see the Top 10 games revealed here!)
  • Karaoke (wireless Bluetooth microphones)
  • Design and perform a dance routine or a play
  • Learn a popular TikTok dance
  • Watch a movie that goes along with the theme (i.e. Casper for Halloween sleepover)
  • Popcorn bar
  • Decorate a pillowcase
  • Bake and/or decorate cupcakes, or other dessert treats
  • Learn to Hula dance from YouTube instructional video
  • Spin the bottle (of nail polish)
  • Braid each other’s hair or practice new hairstyles
  • Make homemade pizzas
  • Take pictures with a “polaroid” camera (my favorite is the Instax Mini Camera with photo album keepsake)
  • Find sleepover party freebie printable games on Pinterest that coordinates with your theme

Think back to slumber parties from when you were a kid. What were some other fun things you did? Next, lets talk about where you’re going to put these teepees!

Which location in your house to setup the teepees?

First, for sanity’s sake, I personally like to give the kids some space and not near the room that I’ll be. My girls can be shrieking with excitement for hours!

Secondly, consider the activities they will be doing. If it’s a popcorn and movie night, ideally they can all hang out in their teepees while they watch… and hopefully fall asleep, haha!

How much room do I need per teepee?

Third, and most importantly, you must consider the amount of space that each teepee takes up. They aren’t tiny! With the teepees and mattresses (75″L x 39″W) that I recommended above, each teepee will be about 42″ wide. The mattress will stick out from under the teepee, therefore the least amount it can take up is 75″ length-wise. Additionally, you must consider the additional space requirements, should you have a tray in front of each teepee.

Considering the trays (14 1/4″ W) which I recommended above, plus the air mattress, bank on about 7.5’L x 3.5’W ground coverage per teepee. Additionally, factor at least 6 to 12 inches between teepees. Lastly, walking room. If you don’t leave a clear path, they are going to be smashing into the teepees; avoid unnecessary wear and tear.

Because of obstacles in the playroom I set my kids’ up in, I arrange our teepees in a half circle. Then, I angle them so everyone has a clear enough view of the TV and I have a bigger gap as a walkway between the teepees to get in and out of the room. Unless it’s super obvious, I recommend you take measurements of your room(s) before you order the teepees. Next, lets talk about sleepover food ideas.

What to serve for a kids slumber party?

When you’re hosting a sleepover, there are definitely a few things in the food and drink category that you want to consider. First, lets talk about what food to serve at a sleepover party.

Don’t forget to text the parents to confirm there are no allergies!

Likely, you’ll be feeding the kids dinner. My kids would not let me get away without something for dessert (birthday or otherwise). Also, plan on a late night snack and/or popcorn. In my experience, when the kids arrive they are so over-excited about the party that they barely eat dinner and will be “staaaaaarving” later.

If you went with the trays, you might as well single-serve the kids their snacks. For example, these classic re-usable popcorn containers are a great choice. Or, consider these white popcorn boxes in bulk. I throw themed parties regularly, so with a marker or a sticker, bam! these can be customized in a few seconds to fit any theme!

Next, don’t forget about drinks. I don’t know why, but that’s usually such an after-thought. Don’t just consider options for dinner and breakfast. Think about what you will allow in the sleepover room on their trays. Personally, it’s water only allowed in there. Also, I bought these spill-proof stainless steel water bottles, above, that the kids love because of the straws. Highly recommend.

What’s the easiest pajama party idea for breakfast?

Congrats! You’ve made it to the final stretch of the sleepover and are likely equally as tired as the kids, haha! For me, I like to keep breakfast super simple. You could send your husband to go pick-up donuts, but I recommend saving yourself a trip and popping a tube or two of cinnamon rolls into the oven. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a kid that will turn that away, it’s super easy, and it seems like a special treat!

Slumber Party Decorations and Accessories

After you’ve chosen a theme, I recommend you save your sleepover ideas to a Pinterest Board. It’s one thing to save a cute Pin for inspiration, but it’s another thing to read all the blog posts. That’s where ALL of the goods are. Call me biased, but I wasn’t always a blogger. I’ve been a Pinterest mama for 10X longer, literally. A quick tip in there could save you hours or $$! And most importantly, don’t bite off more than you can chew!

Start gathering supplies

Start by going through all of the supplies you already have at home that you can use, and avoid additional spending. Collect all the supplies in the same box or spot in your house. It’s very helpful to keep it all together for two reasons:

  1. Reveal to your daughter all of the cute stuff you’ve gathered. She’ll actually appreciate the hard work that you’re putting into it. And realize all these things don’t just magically appear at the venue on the day of her party! She’ll get pumped up for the party!
  2. Talk her through the details. The act of talking through what you have, in a chronological order of events at the party will help you remember the small details.

Add things to your Amazon cart and click to “save for later”. Or “heart” your favorites on Etsy. However, start ordering or shopping for what you can get, as early as possible. I find peace of mind in that. If you’re waiting on the RSVP count, put the date on your calendar. As soon as that day hits, finish ordering the rest of your supplies.

Sleepover Party Favors

Depending on the theme of the party, there are many cute options for sleepover party favors that the kids can enjoy during the party and take home the next morning. Here is the latest one I did for my daughter’s spa slumber party.

Teepee Sleepover Party Ideas - Spa themed birthday favor boxes
Spa party favors: silk robe, hair turban, sleep mask
Teepee Sleepover Party Ideas - Spa themed birthday favor boxes
Party favor boxes and thank you card on teepee trays

Spa theme sleepover party favor ideas