Top 3 Memory Making Mindset Lessons Learned Year One

Top 3 Memory Making Mindset Lessons Learned Year One
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My life changed a lot after leaving my corporate executive career a little over a year ago. While I certainly have my reasons, becoming a blogger seemed like an odd next choice to people who knew me. And while learning to navigate this new solopreneurship has had many downs, my actual personal mission of putting my priorities first and having a heck of a lot more fun, has had many, many ups!! It’s totally been worth it for me, but it’s been a journey. Transforming into this Memory Making Mindset sounds a lot easier than it is. It hit me hard 3/4 of the way through the year… See how my top 3 memory making mindset lessons I learned, below, could be exactly what you need to see! You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

Happy First Anniversary to Memory in the Making!

On February 6th, 2023 at 5:30pm I pushed the ‘publish’ button on my new blog, Memory in the Making! It certainly wasn’t perfect, but I did it! Launch day happened to be a crazy night in our house. With kids running amuck, we poured this bottle of champagne (with my launch date goal on it) anyway and my sweet husband grilled up a delicious tomahawk! I’ll never forget it.

Champagne bottle with Memory in the Making blog launch day goal written on it from my husband
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“Happy blog day babe 2/6/23 Love you, Joe”

Cork was saved.

Before I share what I’ve learned thus far, allow me to reintroduce myself…

Memory in the Making | My husband and I at a waterfall in Hawaii

Hey Mama!

Welcome to Memory in the Making!

Hate the icky feeling of letting life pass by too quickly? Meeeee, too. I’m an in-demand woman; a wife and mother to 3 spunky, elementary school-aged daughters, and recently turned entrepreneur. After spending years as an SVP in the logistics industry, I’m now embarking on a new profession and a more intentional personal journey. After becoming a member of Chief, an executive women’s network, I realized I’m not alone in trying to find more joy in my beloved chaos; so that’s why I’m inviting others to join me on my MEMORY MAKING MINDSET transformation journey here at Memory in the Making!

My mission is to inspire other professional women to break free from their hectic, “busy” lifestyle and create an “in control” lifestyle built on intentionality; say yes to more fun experiences, create family traditions and fill your life up with more laughter and entertainment!

See how we can focus our killer professional project management skills on our passions and what matters most. Meanwhile, allow our successful careers to fuel our energy and enrich our personal dreams.

Why Not You?

Over the years, I’ve picked up quite a few tricks and worked out the challenges that come with planning and executing over-the-top memories. Many people frequently ask me how I pull off entertaining large groups with themed parties. Or think I’m a little crazy for how much time and effort I put into planning vacations and holiday activities for my kids. And sometimes even seemingly frustrated that my husband and I block the time to individually take our kids on dates, and dip away to make quality time with each other.

YOU CAN DO THIS, TOO! Perfection is NOT the goal.

Join in on the Memory Making Mindset Transformation

“Cry freedom” lyrics by dave matthews band

The future is no place to place your better days…



My Strategy

It’s no big secret. Intentionality, reflection, visualizing your dreams, and planning are key steps to achieving personal fulfillment. You have killer professional project management skills, so why not repurpose on what matters most to you?

the key

START. I’ll share advice from experts and what’s been working for me; a mom of 3 girls in elementary school, wife and ex-SVP turned entrepreneur with bad a** ambitions. Follow me on LinkedIn for daily tune-ups.

the aim

CRUSH life on both fronts… cuz why not me?! Achievements in our careers fuel our energy and enrich our personal dreams. My approach will continually emphasize the importance of nourishing our physical and emotional well-being, and remain focused on what’s most important.

the focus

Discover how I applied my corporate project management skills to personal project management for creating fun, lifelong memories! Plan and stay on track, while mindfully being present in the moment.

the challenge

This shift in mindset will cause reprioritization of what keeps you busy. Being busy isn’t a bad thing IF it’s purposeful. Building new muscle memory is a process and it can feel ugly at times; avoid the temptation of guilt.

my pledge

I’m on this personal and professional journey, too. And I insist on having a heck a lot of fun while I ride this wave! Wanna join me? Let’s do the work, so we can get our next Memory in the Making! Learn more about me or follow me on Linkedin.

the fun stuff

Knock some things off your bucket list! Start a memorable family tradition! Take that anniversary getaway! Block time to take your child on a date! Throw a bad a** party and blow off some steam with good friends!

my blog

Discover new ways to nurture your passions and connect with family and friends. I’ll share my personal, fun experiences to serve as a source of inspiration, along with guides on how you can save time recreating something similar for yourself.

free downloads

Memory in the Making has several free printables and customizable templates to make your fun mindset transformation easier! Downloads for kids activities, holidays, party invitations, and bucket list journals are all a click of a button away!

Before I get into my top 3 memory making lessons learned this year be sure to connect with me!



Transforming a mindset is much harder than planning a party! Follow me on LinkedIn where I’ll share advice from experts, along with what’s been working for me and things that make you think humm…

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning that if you click through & make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

My Top 3 Memory Making Mindset Lessons Learned

Learn from my mistakes and my self-inflicted limitations. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

Avoiding Guilty Feelings

I’m busy as sh*t. I’ve always kept busy but this year has been a different kind of busy, for me.

Since maternity leave with my oldest, 10 years ago, I’ve always been fortunate enough to have major support. My mom watched her for a few years and then we had a nannies. Our last nanny (and best one!) was with us since before our twins were born; a 7 year stretch! Both my husband and I worked full time as VPs. Her support not only with the kids, but with helping around the house, was life saving! It allowed us to be able to actually enjoy family time, travel, entertain, etc. without letting everything fall apart. Well… for the most part. haha!

When I left my corporate career, I also assumed full-time stay at home mom duties, WHILE starting my new business. Becoming a blogger, being active on social media, learning tons of new technology and strategies is a lot more challenging than it may seem. I’m not complaining at all, but this left a lot of room to improve; build new muscle memory.

Inspirational Posts with Tips and Tricks Aren’t Everything

I set out originally to inspire other mamas with ways to enjoy and make life more fun; make more memories! But the reality of it was, we’re all in the same boat. Everyone WANTS to do fun stuff; my top 3 memory making posts are great. But, you and I just don’t have the energy for the work to make it happen, most of the time.

Shifting into a Memory Making Mindset is a lot more challenging than throwing a cool party!


I felt guilt constantly. Keep focused on working while the kids are at school OR keep endless housework rolling OR actually plan the fun stuff I’m talking about?

That was the million dollar question. Like an internal battle every day. It still is many days, that’s why this is a transformative journey.

Being “guilty” does me no favors.

Instead, I give myself the grace to tackle various projects in waves.

Some weeks, I’ve got to bear down on housework and focus on supporting the kids; work is mostly on the back-burner.

Other weeks, I focus heavily on writing or creative and innovative work projects as much as possible.

The following week might be spent clearing the build up of 50,000 work and personal tasks that have been stacking up. Perhaps in advance of a vacation or just generally for sanities sake.

Other times, I need to chill out, rest and refresh. I bet you can guess which time of the month this falls into, haha!

Allowing myself to live in the realities of these energy cycles and not get down on myself feels much better.

Listen to your body; don’t fight it.

Expect the Unexpected

Just when you think you’ve got ahold on things, something unexpected will try and throw off your mojo. Oh something like…

  • Sickness.
  • Spending way too much time fixing your stolen credit identity.
  • A repair around the house that turns into a big project.
  • Someone else needs a favor.
  • Technical issue with work that costs you a whole day.

You get the idea. What was your last curve ball?

Say “Later” or “Soon”

Lots of experts suggest that women get comfortable saying “NO”. Well, good for you if can do that. Certainly do it whenever possible. But in my reality, most things I can’t or don’t really want to say no to.

Pushing something back to a later date can sound something like:

  • I can’t wrap my head around this right now. Ask me again on Monday.
  • Next week is when I’m doing my calendar planning. I’ll get back to you then to let you know if or when I can make that happen.
  • I’m too tired to talk about this right now. Let me think more about it and we can discuss on Saturday morning over coffee.
  • I’m super focused on finishing this work goal by my target date/time; I’ll catch up on dishes and laundry tomorrow. Just leave it be.

Having Lots of Fun is Worth the Work

Despite working myself into exhaustion every night, the pay off of working towards my Memory Making Mindset has been an absolute blast and worth every minute of it! 2023 has certainly been one of the coolest years of my life for sooooo many reasons!

  • Crossed 4 things off my bucket list!
  • Went to 7 concerts and music festivals! My happy place!
  • I started a business!
  • Started new traditions!
  • Celebrated little things!
  • Threw some bad a** parties!
  • Took my daughters on dates!
  • Traveled a lot!
  • Got out of my comfort zone in the name of fun!
  • Enjoyed more time with the kids over summer break!
  • Started new and built better relationships with girl friends!
  • Joined Chief; a private, executive women’s network meeting amazing, successful women!
  • And I slowed *TF down more. I was present in moment more often than usual. I took more little opportunities for quality time and me time!

Preparing is Everything

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Having non-spontaneous fun takes WORK. Mostly is work for the catalyst of that fun or the one with experience planning something like that before. …I am usually the one doing the work. I’m cool with that because that is what’s important to me. And I love making memories special for family and friends. Not much more I’d rather do than that… except of course having the actual fun!

Accept help where you can. But don’t baulk at an opportunity to have fun if it is worth it and it’s in the budget!

I’m here to help! My blog, Memory in the Making is created just for this purpose. To help busy-busy-bees plan fun stuff in way less time. Less time being creative. Save time researching. Speed past reading reviews on products to buy. Save money and time. And time is money! Some serious MOM HACKS and INSPO here!

Where to Start

Well, if you didn’t follow me and click the little notification bell under my profile banner to turn it black yet, do so right now here: FOLLOW LEIGH ANNE ESPINOSA ON LINKEDIN.

On LinkedIn, I’ve started sharing info on where to get started, on your Memory Making Mindset journey. I’ll share advice from experts, along with what’s been working for me and things that make you think humm…

STEP ONE: decision time
visualize life

…don’t miss out on future posts and insights!

Finally, lets move on to the highlight reel!

The Top 3 Memory Making Posts of the Year

There have been a lot of favs this year. Too many posts for me to choose from. But, here are my followers top 3 memory making posts of 2023:

1. Surprise Vacation Reveal Ideas

It’s not just making travel plans, it’s gifting lifelong memories. I have several surprise vacation reveal ideas for everyone, ranging from the simplest solutions, all the way up to creating a major WOW factor! Plus tips on how to not ruin the surprise READ MORE!

2. Teepee Sleepover Party Ideas

It’s no wonder teepee sleepover parties have become all the rage; they are sooooo stinkin’ cute! Find answers to: How much does a teepee sleepover party costs? Time involved? Room space needed? Decide to invest in or hire a pro service is right for you READ MORE!

3. Best Juices for Mimosa Bar

Your brunch just got more fun with these 3 best juices for mimosa bar! Plus get the recipe for our family’s famous “Espi’mosa”! It’s a super simple twist on the classic. Plus other delish seasonal juice options READ MORE!

What do you think about these top 3 memory making posts? Do you have a favorite?

Before I end with the 2023 recap, let me make make an exciting announcement and a teaser of what’s to come this year!

The Best is Yet to Come!

A month already in to 2024 and it’s off to the races! I’ve been working hard on a few new projects launching this quarter that I hope you’ll love!

First, hot off the presses, I just launched my new merch shop called Three Little Birds on TeePublic! Make sure you follow me @meminthemaking on Instagram so you never miss a new release!

Three Little Birds Merch

My shop, Three Little Birds on TeePublic, offers a variety of designs that feature my passion for music, making memories and living life to the fullest! This design was inspired by being a mama and singing this Bob Marley "nursery rhyme" to my three daughters.

More Similar Products:
  • This design is also available in different apparel styles and accessories! Click to choose your perfect style and size:
I earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting my small business!

Second, I’ve gotta tease you a bit because I’m not ready to spill the beans just yet! HINT: It has something to do with my passion for music. Be sure to check out my Concert Bucket List Journal post if you missed it. Such a fun gift to yourself! I can’t wait to share more details on my project with you soon!

Lastly, allow me to recap Memory in the Making’s 2023 inspiration posts.

Recap of 2023 Memory Making Posts

A lot of thought, detail and love went into my posts this year. Some might argue I include a little too much, but my aim is to seriously help my followers in as many ways as possible, not just click bait them. Drum roll please…….

Here is the lineup of the 2023 posts by Memory in the Making:

…Or text a link to your partner in crime!

Leigh Anne

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