Unique Father's Day gift made by his 'lil cu-TEES
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Unique Father’s Day Gift Made by His ‘Lil Cu-TEES

Skip the cliché purchase this year! Instead DIY this easy & unique Father’s Day gift he’ll actually use…

Unique Father's Day gift made by his 'lil cu-TEES
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Personalized Golf Balls and Tees for Father’s Day Gift

Last Minute DIY Gift for Dad

Summer plans and kids activities have you running ragged, Mama; I get it! But, you still would like to gift something special from the kids for their daddy. This year, skip the cliché gifts or engraved bracelet he really doesn’t wanna wear. I’ve got a quick craft the kids can do to make their Dad a unique Father’s Day gift he’ll actually use if he’s a golfer.

Unique Father's Day gift made by his 'lil cu-TEES
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DIY Father’s Day Gift for Golfer Dads

Personalized Golf Balls and Tees

Having the kids personalize some golf balls and tees for a unique Father’s Day gift is quite simple.

First, start by buying the golf balls and tees. Some guys are picky about their brand and type of golf balls, so ask another guy he golfs with or sneak a peek in his golf bag. I had no idea how expensive this hobby is, so might as well try and get his fav kind. He’s gonna need ’em anyway!

Not sure where to start? Here are the ones I went with and they worked great!

Second, lets talk about decorating the golf balls and tees.

It’s the Thought That Counts

Seriously. Don’t let your OCD kick in. Let the kid(s) make them. It really doesn’t matter how messy they are, ha! Just give ’em a few ideas to get their creative juices flowing, such as:

  • “D” “A” “D” on the tops of 3 tees
  • #1 Dad
  • A heart, smiley face, star
  • Love {their name} on the side of a tee or golf ball
  • Happy Father’s Day on a golf ball
  • Decorate the balls with a theme (my 10 yo daughter made them each into a fruit)

We used POSCA Pens (paint markers) because my oldest already had a bunch…all the rage! They can get very messy though, so we use these silicone placemats whenever those paint markers come outta the box. You could test yours with regular washable markers but I was concerned they would smear too much. Up to you, and will likely have a lot to do with the age of your kiddo(s)!

He’s Going to LOVE this Unique Father’s Day Gift

I guarantee he’ll be thrilled to show off to his friends the adorable artwork from his ‘lil cu-tees! Tag me @meminthemaking on Instagram and Facebook of your fabulous, unique Father’s Day gift!

Pair the golf balls and tees gift with a pre-arranged tee-time with his friends, for bonus points! Lastly, quality time is what it’s all about so let’s talk about more alternative gift ideas.

Alternative Experience Gift Ideas

Memory in the Making is all about creating experiences. And I often promote experience gift ideas, rather than buying things. I haven’t changed my opinion on that, but homemade gifts from kids don’t count! They are precious and the days of getting those adorable crafts and cards are numbered. Our kids will be grown in a blink!

I’d be willing to bet he is likely to be a lot happier to get a gift he can experience with the kids, rather than a cliché Father’s Day gift. Here are a few experience gift ideas for him to do with the kids:

  • Top Golf or mini-golf date
  • Tickets to take kids to their 1st concert
  • Indoor skydiving
  • Tickets to a ball game
  • A whole family fun day: kick ball at the local park, lunch and go to a carnival
  • Tickets to a super hero movie
  • A bike ride date to a local ice cream shop
  • …just use your imagination! Or better yet, ask your kiddo what they like to do with Daddy!

Lastly, use a free app like Canva and use one of their easy-to-use templates to print out a “gift certificate”, or simply write in a homemade Father’s Day card from his kiddo(s)!

Without a doubt, save this Unique Father’s Day Gift From His ‘Lil Cu-TEES to your Pinterest board for later!

…Or text a link to your partner in crime!

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Happy Father’s Day!

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